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The Regular Army, also known as the Regular Army, is a fundamental component of the military forces of various countries, including the United States and Canada. It consists of professionally trained and full-time soldiers who serve as the backbone of the nation's defense.

The Regular Army encompasses a wide range of important documents that regulate and facilitate the functioning of this vital military force. These documents provide guidance, record essential information, and ensure compliance with regulations. They cover a variety of subjects related to recruitment, promotions, appointments, incentives, and recognition.

One of the key documents within the Regular Army is the DA Form 3072 Waiver of Disqualification for Reenlistment/Promotion in the Regular Army. This form allows eligible individuals to request a waiver for certain disqualifications, enabling them to continue their service or seek promotions within the Regular Army. It ensures that deserving candidates are not hindered by minor disqualifications and can contribute to the military's mission effectively.

Another significant document is the USAREC Form 1075 Statement of Understanding for Applicants Requesting Regular Army Appointment to the Army Medical Department With Concurrent Call to Active Duty. This form outlines the terms and conditions for applicants who seek appointments within the Army Medical Department while concurrently serving in the Regular Army. It sets the expectations and responsibilities for individuals pursuing a medical career in the military.

The USAREC Form 601-37.39 Regular Army Nurse Officer Incentives Declaration Statement is another crucial document within the Regular Army collection. It establishes the necessary agreements and acknowledgments for nurse officers within the Regular Army, particularly pertaining to incentives and benefits. It ensures that these specialized medical professionals receive the appropriate incentives for their service and commitment to the Regular Army.

Additionally, the NGB Form 113A Report of Inspection for Federal Recognition plays a vital role in ensuring the high standard of the Regular Army. This form documents the results of inspections conducted to assess the readiness, compliance, and effectiveness of Regular Army units seeking federal recognition. It allows for the identification of areas that require improvement, ensuring that the Regular Army operates at its highest level of efficiency and preparedness.

These documents and many more collectively form the extensive collection of the Regular Army's administrative and operational regulations. They facilitate the recruitment process, recognize exceptional service, promote professional development, and ensure the smooth functioning of this critical military force.

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This form is used for applicants who want to join the Army Medical Department as a regular Army appointment while also being called to active duty. It is a statement of understanding that outlines the applicant's obligations and responsibilities.

This Form is used for the Regular Army Enlisted Interservice Physician Assistant Program. It involves Statements of Understanding between the applicants and the program.

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