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Whether you're serving in the military or have completed your service, there are several important documents that are essential for your army service. These documents serve as official records of your service and can be used for various purposes, including promotions, awards, and benefits.

One of the key documents in the army service collection is the DA Form 638 Recommendation for Award. This form is used to recommend individuals for various awards and recognition for their exceptional performance, courage, and dedication during their service.

Another crucial document is the Form CALHR190 Military Service Information - California. This form is specific to individuals who have served in the army and are seeking employment in the state of California. It provides detailed information about your military service, including your rank, unit, and awards received.

For those who are looking to extend their service in the regular army, the DA Form 3340 Request for Continued Service in the Regular Army is essential. This form allows individuals to request an extension or reenlistment in the regular army, outlining their reasons and qualifications for continued service.

In situations where an individual has been disqualified for continued service in the regular army, the DA Form 3072 Waiver of Disqualification for Continued Service in the Regular Army comes into play. This form enables individuals to request a waiver for their disqualification, providing supporting evidence and justifications for their eligibility to continue their service.

Lastly, the DA Form 3286-79 Statements for Reenlistment focuses on individuals who are interested in reenlisting in the army. This form gathers statements from individuals who wish to rejoin the army, detailing their intentions, aspirations, and readiness for further service.

These army service documents play a vital role in recognizing and recording the accomplishments and commitments of military personnel. They serve as an official record of your service and can be used for a variety of purposes, ensuring that your contributions to the army are duly acknowledged and recognized.




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This document is used to recommend a soldier for most awards, except wartime awards, awards for valor and heroism.

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