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What Is DA Form 5888 Series?

The DA 5888 Series is a set of forms released by the U.S. Department of the Army (DA). The forms play an integral part in the proceedings that validate family member deployment screening and specify the medical and educational needs of dependents. The information provided in the forms is used for further assignment management. All data submitted on the forms is confidential and sensitive and available to the authorized personnel only.

Alternate Name:

  • DA 5888 EFMP Screening Forms.

Fillable versions of the DA 5888 Forms are available for download below. The series includes two forms in total:

  1. DA Form 5888, Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet, is used for confirming family member deployment screening. Another function is to help the gaining command receive the data necessary for making an appropriate assignment decision when service members’ dependents have special needs. Dependent children under 72 months old are subject to physical and developmental screening; older dependents may also be obliged to undergo a physical examination to provide evidence of their special needs.
  2. DA Form 5888-1, Screening of Family Members in Remote OCONUS Areas, helps to determine if the DD Form 2792 Series should be completed. DA Form 5888-1 contains the questions related to a dependent’s medical and educational needs; it is a preparatory step to the summary of medical and educational interventions in DD 2792 and DD 2792-1. The information presented in DA 5888-1 will become a significant factor for gaining command when they come with assignment instructions. The completed DA Form 5888-1 should be submitted with DA Form 5888.

The goal of the Exceptional Family Member Program - or EFMP for short - is to assist family members with special needs and to collaborate with military and civilian agencies to ensure that the dependents of service members receive the necessary support in housing, medical care, and education. Active duty service members, Army reservists, the USAR Active Guard Reserve Program members, and Army National Guard personnel activated under Title 10, US Code may take part in EFMP.

  1. First, the soldier must file a copy of DA Form 5888 given to them by the personnel service battalion.
  2. Then, the service member or their spouse contacts the EFMP case coordinator at the nearest Army MTF and schedules a screening appointment. If the family lives more than 60 miles away from the nearest Military Treatment Facility, the screening may also be conducted at another MTF or with a civilian physician.
  3. The service member or their spouse must then file a copy of DA Form 7246, EFMP Screening Questionnaire, prior to face-to-face screening. A member of the EFMP staff at the MTF will then complete the medical portion of DA 5888.
  4. The service member must return the completed EFMP screening form with copies of DD Form 2792 and DD Form 2792-1 to the personnel of the service battalion.

EFMP enrollment needs to be updated regularly. The DA 5888 (or DA 5888-1) needs to be filed and submitted at least once every three years or when there are any changes to the health condition of the service member’s dependent family members. Participation in the EFMP does not affect service members’ careers but may influence their assignment locations.



DA Form 5888 "Family Member Deployment Screening Sheet"

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Use this form to validate family member deployment screening, and to provide the gaining command with information that will assist them in making an assignment decision.

DA Form 5888-1 "Screening of Family Members in Remote OCONUS Areas"

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This is a form used to determine the need to file the DD Form 2792 and DD Form 2792-1 when applying to enroll in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP).