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EFMP Enrollment Forms

The Exceptional Family Member Program, or EFMP, is a program initiated by the Department of Defense (DoD) to provide support to service members’ family members with special needs. This includes spouses, children, and dependent adults.

EFMP enrollment forms should be completed by the sponsor, spouse, primary care provider, or by school personnel. The program provides a wide range of medical, educational, and support functions and is available for service members in every military branch. Enrollment is open to soldiers with family members or dependents with a diagnosed physical, intellectual, developmental, or psychological condition that needs special care, medical attention or educational services.

What Is DD Form 2792 Series?

  • DD Form 2792, Family Member Medical Summary, is the main form used for EFMP enrollment. The form provides information on a family member’s special needs and helps military assignment personnel determine how those needs could be met in accordance with the availability of medical services at a particular duty station.
  • DD Form 2792-1, Special Education/Early Intervention Summary, is another DoD form used to enroll in the EFMP and to record the special educational needs of children from birth through age 21 requiring special educational services. The information provided in the DD 2792-1 is needed to help military assignment personnel match the child’s special needs with the educational resources or services available at the particular duty station.

DD Form 2792 and DD Form 2792-1 are required to enroll in the Exceptional Family Member Program for service members of all service branches.

Army Family Member Travel Screening Forms

Air Force EFMP Enrollment Forms

Air Force Family Member Travel Screening Forms

Navy and Marine Corps Family Member Travel Screening Forms

The RHC reviews the documents and determines eligibility. If the application is approved, the RHC downloads the data into the EFMP database on the Army Personnel Network. Afterward, the Case Coordinator will inform the service member if their application has been successful.




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The form is a part of a paperwork package necessary to enroll into the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and for the Family Member Travel Screening Process.

This form is used to enroll in Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and to record special educational needs of a dependent child from birth through the age of 21 whose health condition requires special educational services.

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