Duty Station Templates

Welcome to our duty station documents webpage! Here, you can find essential resources related to duty stations, also known as duty station forms or duty stations.

Whether you are a member of the Air Force, Army, or any other branch of the military, we have a wide range of documents that can assist you in handling duty station-related matters.

For instance, one of the documents you might come across is the AF Form 3559 Reserve Assignment Recommendation. This form is designed to recommend assignments for reservists based on their skills and qualifications.

Another example is the AF Form 527D Acknowledgement of Station Support Requirements. This document acknowledges the requirements of a specific duty station and ensures that personnel are aware of what is expected from them.

We also offer the MRP Form 370 Managerial Assessment Worksheet for Change in Official Duty Station (ODS). This form is essential when there is a need for a change in the official duty station, allowing the management to assess the impact and feasibility of the proposed change.

In addition, we provide the MRP Form 372 Employee Application for Change in Official Duty Station (ODS). This application form is used by employees to request a change in their official duty station, citing valid reasons and supporting documentation.

Last but not least, we have the DA Form 1299 Officer's Certificate of Statement of Service. This form serves as a certificate, providing a comprehensive statement of service for officers, including their duty stations.

Our duty station documents webpage is your one-stop destination for all your duty station-related needs. Whether you are a military member or a civilian employee, these documents will help you navigate the process efficiently and effectively. No more hassle or confusion - simply access the necessary forms and information from our website.




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