Fuel Distribution Templates

Fuel distribution is a comprehensive collection of documents that pertain to the handling and distribution of fuel products. This collection includes a wide range of records, such as the DA Form 3643 Daily Issues of Petroleum Products, Form 72A086 Report of Gasoline Withdrawals From Terminal Storage, Schedule X-D Gasoline Disbursement, Form CVO-009 Motor Fuel Distribution Report - Importations, and Form 117 Application for License of Motor Fuels. These documents are essential for monitoring and regulating the distribution of fuel in various regions.

The fuel distribution documents serve multiple purposes, including inventory management, reporting fuel withdrawals, tracking gasoline disbursement, and applying for motor fuel licenses. With these records, authorities can keep a close eye on the distribution process, ensure compliance with regulations, and maintain accurate data on fuel consumption and availability.

Fuel distribution records are a valuable resource for both public and private entities involved in the fuel industry. Gas station owners, petroleum distributors, government agencies, and regulatory bodies rely on these documents to manage their operations effectively and make informed decisions regarding fuel distribution.

Whether you refer to it as fuel distribution, the management of petroleum products, or the tracking of gasoline withdrawals, this collection of documents plays a crucial role in maintaining a well-functioning fuel industry. By utilizing these records, stakeholders can ensure the efficient and safe distribution of fuel products across the country.




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This is a form used for recording of receipts and issues of petroleum products from and to U.S. Army vehicles.

This document is used for the disbursement of gasoline in Massachusetts. It outlines the schedule for the distribution of gasoline.

This Form is used for documenting aircraft refueling, defueling, and fuel distribution activities. It is used to track fuel usage and ensure proper procedures are followed for aircraft fueling.

This type of document is used for recording and tracking the refueling, defueling, and fuel distribution activities for the KC-135T aircraft.

This form is used for reporting motor fuel importations in the state of Vermont. It is a document that helps track the distribution of motor fuel in the state.

This form is used for applying to become a restricted distributor of motor fuel in Arizona.

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