Employee Tracking Templates

Are you tired of manually tracking your employees' attendance and assets? Simplify your HR processes with our comprehensive employee tracking solution. Whether you refer to it as employee tracking, tracking employees, or an employee tracking sheet, we have the tools you need to efficiently monitor and manage your workforce.

With our Employee Assigned Asset Tracking Template, you can easily keep a record of all the assets assigned to each employee, ensuring accountability and preventing loss. Our Employee Hours and Percentage Tracking Spreadsheet allows you to effortlessly track your employees' working hours, breaks, and productivity, giving you valuable insights into their performance.

In addition, our Staff Movement Register and Daily Attendance/Arrival & Departure Record provide a reliable way to keep track of employee attendance, helping you identify attendance patterns and address any attendance-related issues. With our Staff Only Attendance system, you can ensure that only authorized personnel have access to specific areas, providing a secure and controlled working environment.

Say goodbye to cumbersome manual processes and embrace the efficiency of our employee tracking system. From small businesses to large organizations, our solution is designed to meet the diverse tracking needs of companies of all sizes. Streamline your HR processes and improve workforce management with our user-friendly and intuitive employee tracking tools. Try our employee tracking solution today and experience the difference it can make in your organization.




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This document provides a template for tracking the assets assigned to employees within an organization. It helps to keep track of which employee has been assigned which asset, making it easier to manage and track the use of company assets.


This document is a template used to create an employee performance report. It helps managers assess an employee's job performance and provides a structured way to document and communicate their strengths, areas for improvement, and overall evaluation.

This document provides a template for tracking employees' information, such as their names, positions, contact details, and attendance records. It can be used to maintain and organize employee data efficiently.

This document provides a template for tracking employee attendance. Use it to keep record of employee attendance, track staff schedules, and manage time-off requests.

This document is for tracking and calculating the employee turnover rate within a company. It provides a template for recording employee information and calculating turnover percentages.

This template is used for tracking employee information such as attendance, work hours, and contact details. It helps organizations keep organized and effectively manage their workforce.

This document is used to record employee attendance and track work hours for each day. It helps employers keep track of their employees' attendance and monitor their punctuality.

This document is an attendance sheet template for per diem or hourly employees. It helps track the attendance and hours worked by these employees.

This document is used to track the movement of staff members at Mbonny Technical. It records when staff members arrive and depart from the premises.

This document is a time and attendance sheet specifically for bi-weekly employees at the University of Alabama in Alabama. It is used to track the hours worked by employees on a bi-weekly basis.

This document is a template that can be used to keep track of employee logs in the state of Arizona. It helps employers record important information about their employees' attendance, working hours, and tasks performed.

This Form is used for submitting monthly labor reports for WG employees to the General Services Administration (GSA).

This document is used for tracking employee monitoring data in the United States Army. It is used to collect information related to employee performance, attendance, and other monitoring factors.

This document is used to keep a record of employee training in the state of Mississippi. It helps employers track and document the training activities and progress of their employees.

This document is an application form for individuals wishing to apply for a Timekeeper position in the state of Michigan. The form includes fields for personal information, qualifications, and employment history.

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