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What Is a Report Card?

A Report Card is a document that determines the quality of the student’s work issued by the school and sent to their parents (or guardians). The purpose of the document is to provide parents with information about the student’s work, progress, and conduct. Generally, a school Report Card is used in the area of education but it has also been adopted in other areas and can be applied to grade volunteers and different kinds of institutions.

Report Cards are a handy tool for evaluating a student's progress over the course of their education and are used in one form or another in all 50 states. However, in order to avoid parents from receiving a bad Report Card, some students may try to make a fake Report Card that will designate the students with good results. To minimize the occurrence of such situations schools are inclined to send the cards directly to parents via mail or email, excluding students from the delivery process.

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How to Create a Report Card?

Creating a Report Card template that a school administrator (or a teacher) will use to grade their students is a straightforward process, nevertheless, there are several important parts that can be included in the document, such as:

  1. Title. The document can start with a title that will express its nature and main purpose.
  2. Information About the Student’s Parents (or Guardians). The card can address a certain person who is supposed to be the one who is responsible for the student. It can contain the student’s parents' (or guardians') names and postal address, which should include a zip code, state, city, street name, and building number.
  3. Information About the Student. Here the document should contain information about the student whose grades are provided. It should include the student’s full name, address, and class. Sometimes it can be convenient to state the teacher’s name (if applicable).
  4. Grading Period. In this part of the document, the teacher or the school administrator can state the results of which grading period the Report Card is supposed to depict. Some schools tend to issue cards every month, others do it every semester or yearly;
  5. List of Subjects and Grades. This is the largest part of the document and is supposed to designate the list of subjects that the student is taking and grades that will evaluate the level of their progress in those subjects. Some schools may use a percentage instead of grades;
  6. Comments. If the teacher or the school administrator who is completing the card has any comments considering the student’s grades, progress, or conduct, they can designate them in the comments area;
  7. Official Seal. The document can be verified by the school’s official seal, principal’s signature, or any other way that the school uses to verify such kinds of documents. It will show that the information stated in the card is true and valid, and will help to distinguish real Report Cards from fake Report Cards.

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Teachers (or tutors) may use this type of report card template to notify parents about the progress of their children who are being homeschooled.

This is a document that is issued by a high school to inform parents (or legal guardians) about their children's grades.

This type of template acts as a written document that contains a description of a student's academic performance over a given period of time.

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