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A Teacher Evaluation Form is a document used either by students for assessing the performance of teachers or - less commonly - by teachers to evaluate the performance of their students. Regular evaluation is necessary for schools that wish to maintain a high quality of education. The assessment is usually conducted regularly, at least twice a year, with unannounced evaluations taking place in between scheduled ones.

Teacher evaluation is a process that allows teachers to improve and keeps students engaged in the learning process. Schools collect information from the students, perform in-class observations, and ask teachers to perform self-evaluations in order to properly assess their performance. Evaluation Forms facilitate the process, providing a standard tool for gathering all the necessary information. The most commonly-used forms include the following:

  1. Teacher Self-Evaluation Form. Teachers are required to complete these regularly in order to assess the effectiveness of their overall teaching style and its impact on their students.
  2. Teacher Evaluation Form for Administrators. These are used by school administrators , assistant administrators , supervisors or principals to evaluate the performance of their Academic personnel.
  3. Teacher Evaluation Form for Students. This is a survey for the students to use to help teachers improve their performance based on the gathered feedback.

All Teacher Evaluation Forms require the name of the teacher and their course. Information about their performance and the student's progress is collected in the form of statements. The student has to agree or disagree with a number of open-ended questions. The participating students are kept anonymous in order to avoid conflicts and receive honest feedback. Students may provide additional commentary or remarks as they see fit. The information gathered from the feedback submitted by the students helps the school become better acquainted with the strengths and shortcomings of their teaching staff. The evaluation process usually includes recommendations for future development or coaching.

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The purpose of this type of template is to collect and present information about a teacher's self-assessment.

Administrators may use this template to examine the performance of an educator to find out their strengths and determine their flaws with the purpose to provide feedback, improve their performance, and upgrade the standards of teaching implemented in the educational institution.

This type of template can be used when students are asked to evaluate their teachers' skills.

This Form is used for evaluating and providing feedback on a coach's performance. It helps to assess the coach's effectiveness, leadership skills, and overall coaching abilities.

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