Report Card Template

Report Card Template

What Is a Report Card?

A Report Card is a written document that contains a description of a student's academic performance. In most cases, this note is prepared by the teacher or school administration to notify the parents or legal guardians of the student about their school work progress after a certain period of time - usually, every three or four months of the school year.

Alternate Name:

  • School Report Card.

If required, a card like this should paint the picture of the student's worrisome behavior and attempt to tackle challenges the teachers cannot handle without the active participation of parents. You may download a Report Card template via the link below.


How to Make a Report Card?

Follow these steps to prepare a Report Card:

  1. Write down the name of the student at the top of the page . Indicate the time period that was evaluated - it may be a semester or the entire academic year. Add the name of the teacher or the school employee responsible for drafting the card.
  2. Insert a table that lists all disciplines and grades . Depending on your school, you may want to grade the person in question using different grades and scores. Include an additional column to the table for comments - in case the teacher needs to inform the parents about a problem or congratulate the student on their academic achievements. If you have time to customize every document and you are aware this note turns out to be a bad Report Card that may get the student in trouble, consider listing the child's accomplishments and good grades first to boost the parents' mood and let them know their kid is doing their best to excel.
  3. If you make a report card for a young kid that attends kindergarten, you may want to avoid grading when describing the child's success in relation to their personality and behavior . Write a couple of sentences to tell the parent the kid works hard, enjoys their time with friends, demonstrates enthusiasm and curiosity, and improves their attitude every day. The Report Card can also be a perfect opportunity to address the struggles of the kid and ask the parent to pay attention to certain issues if necessary.
  4. Leave several lines at the bottom of the page to be able to express your own opinion about the student or convey details provided to you by other students or teachers . In case the student's behavior was troubling and other students and parents have complained about it, it may be a good idea to discuss your remarks with the school principal before sending your opinion to the parent.

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