Research Briefs

Research Briefs are concise summaries or reports that provide an overview of research studies or findings. These briefs are written to quickly and effectively communicate the main points and implications of a particular research study or topic. They are generally used by researchers, policymakers, and other interested parties to stay up-to-date with the latest research in a specific field or to gather key information for decision-making purposes. Research Briefs condense complex information into a clear and accessible format, allowing individuals to quickly grasp the main findings and implications of a study without having to read the full research report.




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This document explains the concepts of glycemic index and glycemic load, which are measures of how different foods affect our blood sugar levels. It provides information on how to use these measures to make healthier food choices for children.

This document provides interpretive data for the total scores of subject tests used on score reports.

This document provides guidelines and information regarding the classification of documents in a handbook. It helps ensure that documents are properly organized and categorized for easy access and retrieval.

This type of document provides the results of the Climate Change Performance Index, which evaluates and ranks countries based on their efforts to mitigate climate change.

This report provides an overview of the current air quality and pollution levels worldwide. It includes information on trends, sources of pollution, and their impacts on human health and the environment.

This document describes the concept of cramming more components onto integrated circuits, formulated by Gordon E. Moore.

This document provides information about the Medicare Hospice Benefit, which is a program that covers hospice care for terminally ill patients. It explains the eligibility criteria, services covered, and how to access this benefit.


This type of document addresses the issue of violence against women and emphasizes the need for unity in promoting awareness, prevention, and support for survivors.

This document provides current commentary on resistance training for older adults from the American College of Sports Medicine. It gives important information and recommendations for effectively incorporating resistance training into the exercise routines of aging individuals.

This document discusses the principles of freedom of expression and protection of reputation in relation to defamation. It provides an understanding of the legal aspects and balances between these two important rights.

This document provides a sampling of research results on forgiveness conducted by the American Psychological Association. It offers insights into the psychological aspects of forgiveness and its impact on individuals.

This document discusses the topic of income inequality in America, separating fact from fiction. It is an issue brief published by E21.


This document provides current comments and guidelines from the American College of Sports Medicine on exercising during pregnancy. It offers valuable information and recommendations for expecting mothers who want to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This press release highlights that the Boeing 787 is the only aircraft that offers clean breathing air for passengers and crews.


This document provides current comments on the topic of resistance training and injury prevention from the American College of Sports Medicine. It offers valuable insights and recommendations for individuals interested in preventing injuries during their resistance training exercises.

This document discusses the relationship between temperature and pressure in the context of atmospheric processes. It explores how changes in temperature can affect atmospheric pressure, and vice versa.

This guide provides parents with valuable information and resources on 21st-century learning methods and strategies in education. It offers insights on how to support their children's education in a rapidly evolving digital age.


This document provides an analysis of state spending for corrections, focusing on long-term trends and recent criminal justice policy reforms. It is published by the National Association of State Budget Officers.

This document discusses puberty and the Tanner stages, which are a way to measure and track physical changes that occur during adolescence. The document was written by James M. Tanner, a renowned expert in the field of child development.

This document explores how B2B marketers are using live chat to boost sales and customer engagement. It provides insights into the benefits and strategies for leveraging this tool effectively.

This document outlines a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the aviation industry by achieving carbon neutral growth starting in 2020.


This document is a current comment by the American College of Sports Medicine about the safety of the squat exercise. It provides information and guidelines on how to perform squats safely during exercise.

This document provides an overview of alternatives to incarceration, which are strategies that aim to reduce reliance on prison sentences. It is created by Families Against Mandatory Minimums, an advocacy organization.

This document discusses the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2014, which recognized the invention of blue LEDs. It explores how blue LEDs have contributed to the development of new lighting technology.


This document describes the different stages or categories of pressure ulcers according to the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP). It provides information on the classification of pressure ulcers based on their severity, helping healthcare professionals identify and treat these wounds effectively.

This document describes the meaning of the 'd' in D-Day, a significant event during World War II. It provides information about the historical context and importance of this term.

This document is used for assessing the severity and progress of wounds in patients. The Bates-Jensen Wound Assessment Tool helps healthcare professionals determine the appropriate treatment and track the healing process.

This document provides guidance on how to conduct an incident investigation in order to determine the causes and prevent future accidents.

This document provides a detailed guide on how to manage travel risks and fulfill the duty of care for global business travel. It offers valuable information and strategies to ensure the safety and well-being of travelers during their business trips.

This document is a report or study conducted by the Road Safety Foundation regarding the safety of roads for drivers aged 80 and older. It may include findings and recommendations to improve road safety for this age group.

This document highlights important facts about children of alcoholics, provided by the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. It provides valuable information on the impacts and challenges faced by these children.

This fellowship is awarded by the Erste Foundation to support social research projects.

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