Free Washington Vehicle Bill of Sale Forms and Templates

A Washington Vehicle Bill of Sale is a document you complete to record the motor vehicle transfer from the seller to the purchaser. It serves as proof of car transfer and protects the parties: the buyer receives a purchase receipt, and the seller is protected from the responsibility for law violation or damages caused by the buyer as a result of vehicle ownership.

Alternate Name:

  • Washington Car Bill of Sale.

Do I Need a Bill of Sale when Buying a Car in Washington State?

To obtain a new car title, the buyer has to apply within 15 days to the local Department of Licensing (DoL) office. File the following documents:

  1. Certificate of Title received from the previous owner. The seller must complete the transfer section signing the car over to the buyer and, if the vehicle is less than ten years old, disclose the current odometer mileage reading;
  2. Form TD-420-065, Vehicle/Vessel Bill of Sale. This document was issued to establish the main details of the vehicle transfer. It describes the vehicle and identifies the parties to the transaction. This form does not need notarization;
  3. Form TD-420-001, Vehicle Title Application. Sign this form in front of the notary public or licensing agent;
  4. Emissions testing report. It is required in most of Clark, King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Spokane counties.

The seller has to notify the DoL about the sale in person, online, or by mail. Complete and send Form TD-420-062, Vehicle Report of Sale, which contains vehicle information and personal details of the counterparts.

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