Washington State Patrol Inspection Request Form

Washington State Patrol Inspection Request Form

What Is a Washington State Patrol Inspection Request?

A Washington State Patrol Inspection Request Form is a legal document completed by vehicle owners to schedule a physical inspection of their vehicles. The Washington State Patrol (WSP) performs inspections on rebuilt vehicles that have been destroyed or declared a total loss by insurance companies. If the vehicle was reported stolen, is homemade, does not have a proper vehicle identification number (VIN), or there is a record dispute or a VIN discrepancy, the WSP will also complete the inspection.

The main purpose of the Washington State Patrol Vehicle Inspection is to prevent the trafficking of stolen vehicles and their major component parts. Additionally, a successful inspection will allow the titling of the vehicle and its consequent registration. This form was released by the WSP and is available only through a DOL agent.

To find out if your vehicle must be inspected, visit the official licensing agent of the Department of Licensing. Once the agent confirms you need an inspection, you may schedule an appointment with the WSP officer. The latter will inspect your vehicle and documentation that shows legal ownership of the vehicle and component parts used.

Along with the request form, you may need other documents – they must be original, copies, or faxes will not be accepted. The documentation depends on the type of the vehicle to be inspected, but usually, the vehicle owner has to present a valid picture identification, signed and released certificates of title and sales receipts for the entire vehicle and its parts, manufacturer’s statement of origin, and a bill of sale. You may also present an electronic receipt accompanied by the original shipping invoice if you purchase a vehicle from the Internet.

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