Volunteer Agreement Template

Volunteer Agreement Template

A Volunteer Agreement is a legal contract between the organization and the volunteer that sets out the reasonable expectations of the parties during their collaborative volunteer work. It clarifies expectations of the parties regarding the induction and training for the role, adherence to the organization's rules and guidelines, and time commitment.

Alternate Name:

  • Volunteer Service Agreement.

You may download a Volunteer Contract template through the link below or create your own with the help of our online form builder.

What Is the Difference Between a Volunteer Agreement and a Contract of Employment?

The main difference between an Employment Contract and a Volunteer Agreement is that a volunteer does not get paid or receive benefits for the work.

A Volunteer Contract cannot be too formal or contain language that makes the conditions contractual - this could lead to an obligation to work and make the volunteer a worker or employee. This is a flexible arrangement, and in case of a dispute or disagreement, a fixed work pattern or schedule can easily be construed by courts of law as a contractual obligation. Avoid creating an agreement resembling a contract of employment, make sure no legal obligation is implied, and remember: the volunteer cannot be entitled to employee benefits as prescribed by law.


How to Make a Volunteer Agreement?

Generally, a Volunteer Service Agreement includes the following provisions:

  1. Name of the volunteer, direct supervisor (if any), and the volunteer organization.
  2. Description of the volunteer role. Document all the services the volunteer is capable of providing to the organization.
  3. Duration of the contract. Write down the start and end dates of the Volunteer Agreement and indicate the number of hours per week the volunteer is expected to provide services. The organization must be flexible about the time commitment.
  4. Reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket expenses and costs. It is also wise to mention wages in this clause and outline the volunteer's refusal to accept monetary support for the services rendered. Under no circumstances can the volunteer expect salary, wages, benefits, or perks from the organization for the services indicated in the agreement.
  5. Safety and health practices, including insurance for volunteers.
  6. Volunteer's consent to follow the organization's procedures and policies.
  7. Signatures of the parties that signify their understanding of the terms and conditions.

If you wish, you may add a separate provision in your agreement to clarify the work is unpaid and the volunteer carries out the services out of free will.

In certain cases, it is also recommended to complete and sign a Volunteer Non-Disclosure Agreement. If the individual performs services for the organization while being exposed to trade secrets or confidential information, fill out this contract to maintain the company's privacy prior to the start of volunteer work.

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