Addendum to a Contract

Addendum to a Contract

What Is an Addendum to a Contract?

A Contract Addendum is a supplemental document that is not included in the original contract. Generally, it is completed, signed, and executed after the original contract to add certain terms and conditions, obligations, or details. You may choose to adjust the date, change a specific condition that is not working for either party, or agree on a deadline extension.

Despite changing certain clauses and definitions in the original agreement, an Addendum leaves other provisions in full force. If you require a Contract Addendum template, you can download it through the link below.


How to Write an Addendum to a Contract?

Follow these steps to create an Addendum to a Contract:

  1. List the parties to the original agreement in the beginning section. Refer to the original contract. Do not forget to indicate the date at which the addendum comes into effect.
  2. State all the terms and sections of the original contract the addendum alters. Write something like, "The Agreement shall be modified as follows," and put the old and new provisions side by side to clearly see the differences. It is also possible to use bold styles and strikethroughs to underline the removed and added parts - just do not forget to specify what each style means.
  3. When adding an Addendum to a contract, make sure it looks just like the original document. Use the same font size and margins, and do not forget to title this document "Addendum to _____ (name of the contract and its date)."
  4. Be thorough, concise, and clear in your writing. Once the addendum is ready, add signature lines at the end so that potential new parties may sign it. All parties must be present to sign the addendum or appoint representatives who can sign on their behalf. Once the addendum is prepared, it becomes a part of the original contract, and a new party has the same rights and responsibilities as the original signers. The addendum must be attached to the original agreement, and each party receives a copy.

How Do You Word Adding Someone to a Contract on an Addendum?

Addendums often add parties to the agreement because the identities of those parties cannot be determined at the time the original contract is signed. Joinders are widely used to expand and clarify partnership agreements, stockholders' agreements, tenancy agreements, etc. The original contract must include a clause stating that new parties to the agreement must be explicitly named in the addendum. When composing an Addendum, write something like "Michael Jones hereby accepts all legal obligations under the Original Contract" and "All parties hereby agree to the additional terms and conditions of the original contract."

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