Martial Arts Contract Template

Martial Arts Contract Template

What Is a Martial Arts Contract?

A Martial Arts Contract is a legal agreement signed by the martial arts business and its client that signifies the latter's commitment to martial arts training courses. It states the names of the parties, the location of the martial arts business, payment details, description of the martial arts classes, termination clause, and signatures of the parties.

Before you enter into this agreement, evaluate the school and determine you want to study there. It is highly recommended to sign a contract for martial arts on a month-to-month basis to protect your interests. Download a Martial Arts Contract template below or create your personalized document using our online form builder.


How to Get Out of a Martial Arts Contract?

If you attend a few classes for a month, maybe more, and then decide it is not for you or your financial situation changes, you may cancel the agreement. However, in most cases, you are locked into paying - you contracted a service and you have to pay for it even though you do not use it. If you are ready to lose money that you have already paid to the martial arts school or instructor, just notify the other party you will not be attending classes any longer. Sometimes, a contract for martial arts allows you to get a refund in case of illness, injury, or relocation. Reread your agreement to find potential ways you can get a refund on your payment.

What Happens if you Violate a Martial Arts Contract?

Usually, you have 5-10 days after the signing to cancel a martial arts contract unilaterally. If you did not honor a legally valid agreement at a later date by not paying the money you owe, the martial arts business might sue you for damages.

Of course, if you paid for classes up front and then did not attend them, the other party will not take you to court over this. But if you are obligated to pay money, there is a high probability of receiving a subpoena.

Very often a termination clause allows the client to receive a full refund and the contract is voided when the client moves more than 25 miles from the school or becomes ill. If it is not suitable in your case, the best course of action for you is to negotiate with the martial arts business about a payment delay or paying in installments for services indicated in your agreement.

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