Vending Contract Template

Vending Contract Template

What Is a Vending Contract?

A Vending Contract is a legal agreement between a vending service company and its client who wishes to have vending machines installed at a specific business location.

Alternate Name:

  • Vending Machine Contract.

This document will be useful for malls and schools, community centers, fitness centers, convenience stores, and other locations interested in quick and easy access to various food and drink options. You may download a Vending Machine Contract Template below or draft your own personalized document with our online form builder.

How Does a Vending Machine Contract Work?

A Vending Machine Agreement is applicable across a wide variety of industries and will increase the profits of both parties to the deal. The agreement may be annual or for the duration of the lease rental. During the process of negotiations, the vending service company and its customer may record every detail they wish to see implemented: the types of food and drinks provided, the number and location of vending machines, the placement and portion size of items in the vending machine, etc.


How to Get Your Vending Machine in a Mall?

Follow these steps to make sure the mall will let you put up a vending machine at its premises:

  1. Estimate the profit potential for the vending machine by observing the traffic at the establishment.
  2. Calculate the business costs associated with filling, maintaining, and operating the vending machine and determine your future income.
  3. Make a proposal to the mall manager explaining the benefits of having the vending machine available in the mall. Decide who will be servicing the machine and how often it will be monitored to make sure everything is alright. Offer decent compensation to the mall manager and maybe even add a percentage of the net sales received from the vending machine.
  4. Once you detail all the terms and conditions to which both you and the mall manager agree, you may draw up a Vending Contract which you can sign after reviewing it a final time.

What to Include in a Vending Machine Placement Agreement?

A simple Vending Machine Contract should include the following information:

  1. Names of the parties and their legal addresses.
  2. Location of the vending machine. State not only the name of the establishment that will house vending equipment but also its exact position - it is possible to attach a little diagram to illustrate the location.
  3. Requirements for the vending machines. The vending service company must keep its equipment in proper mechanical and electrical working order, it must be clean and in a sanitary condition. Also, you may add product pricing information in this section.
  4. Duration of the agreement - the start and end dates of the contract.
  5. Payment information. The establishment must receive fees for every vending machine installed.
  6. Signatures of the parties.

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