Disc Jockey (DJ) Services Contract Template

Disc Jockey (DJ) Services Contract Template

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A Disc Jockey (DJ) Services Contract is a booking arrangement between the event planner (client) and the DJ that details the date, time, and venue where DJ services will be provided. It is a type of Contractor Agreement: these documents record the details of an agreement between the client and the contractor who will provide certain services.

Alternate Names:

  • Disc Jockey Services Contract;
  • Disc Jockey Contract;
  • DJ Agreement.

These contracts can be customized to include all the information you need: add information about the length of the performance or map out the desired playlist in advance. You can draft your own personalized DJ Contract using our online form builder or simply download a ready-made PDF through the link below.


How Much Does a DJ Cost?

When you are planning an event, it is necessary to consider the DJ cost. If you are hiring a DJ for a party with no more than fifty guests, they will charge you $200-300 per hour. The DJ fee will also depend on their experience - for instance, an experienced performer may ask you to include the $2,000 fee in the Wedding DJ contract especially if the party will last more than 5-6 hours or the whole night.

How to Make a DJ Contract?

To protect the interests of the DJ and the client, it is necessary to compose a simple contract for DJ services. Here are some tips you can use when negotiating and drafting a Disc Jockey Contract:

  1. Ask the DJ to show you recordings of their performances before you sign any documentation. You must be sure their services correspond to the event in question - additionally, you will be able to ask them to include songs and mixes the audience or guests will like.
  2. The DJ may list the equipment they need the client to transport to the venue, indicate a specific time of arrival to the location of the event, describe their performance routine, and request the client to pay for their travel and accommodation expenses. Discuss the schedule of breaks and determine what measures to take to protect the DJ's equipment. If you are hiring an experienced DJ, they will send you a technical rider you also have to follow.
  3. If the DJ is unable to provide their services and learns about it too late to allow the client to reschedule the event, they may have to delegate their duties to another performer. Make sure you talk this detail through with the other party to avoid the termination of the contract which means the DJ loses money and the client does not have anyone to replace the original DJ.
  4. Since many things can go wrong during the planning phase, address possible issues to make sure the disagreements are mitigated during the event. Add a refund provision to your contract and oblige the parties to notify each other in advance of any changes.

What Does a DJ Contract Include?

If you are a venue booking agent or an event planner, you should use the DJ Agreement to hire a DJ to work at your event. Every professional DJ needs to understand the importance of a properly composed agreement with the client - all the expectations must be in writing, and a contract will ensure that you are paid a full amount in time. A Disc Jockey Services Contract will not be considered valid unless you outline the following terms and conditions in writing:

  1. Names and addresses of the client and the DJ.
  2. Description and the date of the event. Write down the venue name, address, event date, and hours when the DJ services must be provided.
  3. Payment information. State the total fee for services. Mention the deposit and rate for the additional work time.
  4. DJ requirements. The DJ may request space and electrical requirements available at the venue to provide DJ services.
  5. Rights and obligations of the parties. The performer is bound by the legal agreement to appear at the agreed time and place to provide their services while the client follows the rules necessary to make the performance happen and pays the DJ for their work.
  6. Signatures of the parties and the actual date of signing.

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