Fundraising Proposal Template

Fundraising Proposal Template

What Is a Fundraising Proposal?

A Fundraising Proposal is a written statement prepared to encourage individuals and companies to collect money for a non-profit organization, charity, church, or educational institution. Download a printable Fundraising Proposal template via the link below.

Alternate Name:

  • Fundraising Proposal Letter.

If you need to find people and businesses that will donate money for the benefit of the less fortunate, first of all, you have to convince others to provide you with funds required for a specific project or event you are organization - it can be a charity dinner, sports tournament, talent show, or a bake sale. Think about the Fundraising Proposal as a form of charity investment for the prospective donors - you must explain the proposal is adaptable to any unforeseen circumstances and complications and the donation you will be offered is going to be protected since the financial support or valuable items you collect will be given to those who need it.


How to Write a Fundraising Proposal?

Follow the steps below to compose an effective Fundraising Proposal Letter:

  1. Start with the personal and contact details of the person responsible for drafting the Fundraising Project Proposal and organizing the event - write down their name, name of the organization, its address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
  2. Indicate the objectives of your charity, church, or school and tell the reader you depend on the generosity of donors for financial support. Briefly describe the event you have in mind, its date, time, and location, and add links to your website to tell the reader more about your plans. If you have several Fundraising Proposal Ideas on your list, you can ask the potential donor their opinion and vote for the most convenient option for them to give you money: for example, it is possible a dinner party will not attract locals but they will donate their personal items to raise funds.
  3. Explain how you plan to advertise the event and how many people you are planning to invite. Include several sentences that outline how the help you will receive from donors makes a difference, how you will change the lives of people and the local community, and how you are planning to spend the money you raise.
  4. Prepare an approximate budget for the fundraiser. State how much money you need to raise and indicate whether you require any permits or insurance policies for the event - for instance, if you are planning a sports competition that does not involve professional athletes, it may be wise to safeguard yourself from potential complaints and lawsuits in case someone gets injured.
  5. Include a budget table to your Fundraising Proposal template - list categories of revenue and expenses, add a brief description for each point, and compute the total income and expenses you are expecting at the moment.
  6. Tell the proposal recipient about yourself - whether you have any experience organizing fundraisers in the past, whether you have plans for similar events in the future, and what motivated you to raise money this way.

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