Utah Department of Corrections Forms

The Utah Department of Corrections is responsible for the custody, supervision, and rehabilitation of individuals who have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to incarceration in Utah. They manage correctional facilities and programs aimed at promoting public safety and reducing recidivism rates among offenders. The department also ensures the well-being and security of both inmates and correctional staff.




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This Form is used for adult visitors to apply for entry into Utah.

This form is used to request visitation for minors at the Utah State Prison.

This document acknowledges visitors with service dogs in the state of Utah. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of both the visitor and the service dog.

This Form is used for adults seeking to visit Utah for a temporary period. It is required for individuals who are not eligible for the Visa Waiver Program.

This document is used for applying for approval to provide sex offense polygraph services in the state of Utah.

This Form is used for requesting an Activity/Safety Plan in the state of Utah. It helps ensure the safety and well-being of participants during organized activities.

This document is an Application Services Agreement specifically designed for the Sex Offense Task Force in Utah. It outlines the terms and conditions related to the provision of application services for the task force.

This document provides a summary of the progress made by the Sex Offender Task Force in Utah during a specific quarter. It details the activities, accomplishments, and initiatives undertaken by the task force to address and monitor sex offenders in the state.

This form is used for supervisors in Utah to acknowledge a certain document or task completion by their subordinates.

This document allows you to appoint someone to make medical decisions on your behalf in the state of Utah.

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