The Utah Bill of Sale is a legal document serving as a receipt when goods are sold in a private-party transaction. This document generally contains details about the sold item and the terms of the deal.  Although a bill of sale is not required by law in Utah, you are strongly recommended to complete it when selling or purchasing any property in order to have a documented record of sale and to protect yourself if any claims arise in the future.

Does Utah Require a Bill of Sale?

We highly recommend that you use the State of Utah Bill of Sale for the transfer of a vehicle, vessel, firearm, heavy truck, motorcycle, trailer, snowmobile, or any off-highway vehicle from one party to another. 

There are four main types of this document:

  1. Utah Generic Bill of Sale. Generally, this document is used to record the transaction in all cases that do not require a specific form. No government-issued documents are available for this purpose.
  2. Utah Vehicle Bill of Sale. It is represented by Form TC-843, Bill of Sale provided by the Division of Motor Vehicles of the Utah State Tax Commission.  It is important to write up this form when selling a car, a motorcycle, a light truck, a van, a heavy truck (over 12,000 lbs), an off-highway vehicle, a trailer or a snowmobile.
  3. Utah Boat Bill of Sale. Use Form TC-843 to confirm the sale and transfer of a watercraft.
  4. Utah Gun Bill of Sale is created to document the details of a gun transfer. A state-released form is not provided in Utah. Download a ready-made template we offer.

The Utah Bill of Sale Requirements

The form can be handwritten, typed or printed. It normally contains the following information:

  • Identification information of the buyer and the seller: their names, addresses, and signatures;
  • Full description of the property for sale. The description you enter must help to identify this item easily. If the property you sell has any defects, they must be listed on the document;
  • Purchase price of the goods;
  • Other special transaction details;
  • The date of the transaction.

When you sell a motor vehicle or a boat, download, print and fill out Form TC-843. For the seller, a bill of sale proves that the title to the vehicle has been legally transferred. For the buyer, the bill of sale documents the price of the vehicle for sales tax purposes. Report the vehicle as sold to the Division of Motor Vehicles by mail or fax, by phone or online. Utah laws do not require you to notarize the document.



Form TC-843 "Bill of Sale" - Utah

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Size: 98 KB
1 page

Get this official Utah Bill of Sale that allows a seller and purchaser to exchange a certain amount of money for a motor vehicle. This document is suitable for the sale or purchase of a car, motorcycle, truck, snowmobile or boat in the state.

"Generic Bill of Sale Form" - Utah

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Size: 133 KB
2 pages

Download this Utah-specific document and complete it as legal evidence of a property transfer from one party to another. When properly drafted, it releases the seller from liability for the sold product and proves the buyer is the new owner of the property.

"Firearm Bill of Sale Form" - Utah

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Size: 156 KB
3 pages

This is a document that establishes the details of a firearm transfer from a seller to a buyer. It is legally binding and can be used as proof of ownership or release of responsibility in the transaction of pistols, rifles, and other assault weapons in the category of legal handguns in Utah.