What Is a Cleaning Schedule?

A Cleaning Schedule is a written plan for dealing with household chores or maintaining the cleanliness of spaces you share with other people like an office or street. Whether you are going to do all the necessary work on your own or you were hired by a house owner or employer to clean the residential or commercial property respectively, a list of planned activities will be an indispensable tool that can be adjusted in accordance with your needs or the needs of the client.

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Cleaning Schedule Template Types

  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule Template. Consider devoting an hour every week to clean your place and maintain it in a proper condition - do not neglect the space where you work or reside and get rid of germs to remain healthy;
  • Daily Cleaning Schedule Template. Whether you live alone or share your residence with someone else, there are tasks that must be done every day like washing dishes and taking the trash out - remind yourself, your relatives, or friends about them;
  • Street Cleaning Schedule Template. Reach out to your neighbors to figure out how you will maintain the cleanliness of the space outside your houses - you can take turns sweeping streets and removing litter to make the life of the entire community better;
  • Roommate Cleaning Schedule Template. If you live with another person, each of you should take care of their own room and take turns cleaning common areas - discuss what work should be done and determine when you have time to carry out these tasks;
  • Laundry Schedule Template. Sort your clothes and garments and decide when it is reasonable to do laundry - for instance, you may wash bedding and towels on Sunday to avoid doing that during the work week;
  • Office Cleaning Schedule Template. Let your employees or cleaning crew know when they should clean the workplace to improve productivity and make a good impression on your clients.

What Information Should Be on a Cleaning Schedule? 

A Cleaning Schedule should be balanced and easily updated - make a digital version to accompany the printed-out one you put or hang to let every person involved see what they need to do. The scope of work depends on the place you are cleaning - for example, a schedule you make to clean your bedroom means you may spend ten minutes putting things away every day and half an hour during the weekend to do thorough cleaning while a schedule for a crowded office is going to contain certain deep cleaning chores like wiping blinds and sanitizing computers and other electronic devices used every day.

You should also make a Cleaning Checklist Template - go around the place to note every task and figure out if it has to be included in a daily or weekly schedule or you may hire a cleaning company to help you out with it once every six months. A checklist may be a good basis for a schedule so think about completing two documents to be more organized.

How to Make a Cleaning Schedule?

Here are some tips that will allow you to compose a realistic Cleaning Schedule:

  1. Draw a simple table - the number of columns, however, will depend on the purpose of the schedule - a daily schedule will differ from the weekly one. Include the days of the week, the names of tasks, and the boxes to be checked once the chore is done. If you are a supervisor that wants to monitor the job of the cleaning crew or a parent that wants to see if their kid is doing a good job cleaning, you may add one more column for a signature or little drawing respectively - to let the cleaner know you are satisfied with their efforts.
  2. If you are making a schedule for your family and want to teach your children the importance of keeping their bedrooms and common areas of the house clean, start with an easy Cleaning Schedule, decorate it with drawings and stickers, update the document as your kids get more experience, and show your appreciation for small tasks they take care of like washing their own dishes, keeping their toys in order, and dusting tables and desks. 
  3. While it is understandable roommates and colleagues may want to take care of the same tasks every day or week, consider distributing them differently - change the schedule every month, for example. This will help you ensure all the zones of the residence or office are maintained and organized - besides, individuals responsible for cleaning will learn new skills that will be useful to them in the future.

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This type of template refers to a written document that outlines the cleaning duties of the individual entrusted to maintain the cleanliness of the workspace.

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