What Is a Missing Poster? 

A Missing Poster refers to a description of the individual or animal that is currently missing that is shared with other people in hopes to find them as soon as possible.

Alternate Names: 

  • Lost Poster; 
  • Lost Flyer; 
  • Missing Flyer. 

Whether your family member, friend, or beloved pet has disappeared, you may fill out a blank Missing Poster to inform residents of the area where they were last seen about the disappearance and offer a reward for any information that may lead you to their whereabouts. You cannot lose time - once you cannot contact a person you care about or you have noticed your cat or dog has escaped, it is time to design a flyer to increase the chances to find them safe and sound.

For a full list of Missing Poster templates please check out our library below.

Missing Poster Types

  • Lost Dog Poster Templates. Choose a suitable flyer to tell other people about your dog missing - if it ran away during a walk or you left the door open, it may have run far from your residence; a poster that lists its unique markings and contains a recent picture will increase your odds to find your pet;
  • Lost Cat Poster Templates. Whether you forgot to close the window or your cat did not come back home after spending time outside, the neighbors and social media users can be on the lookout for your pet when you share its description and explain how to approach it safely;
  • Missing Child Poster Template. It is essential to distribute this Missing Poster template among people that reside or work near the area the kid was last seen - it is possible someone was a witness of their disappearance so that you and authorities have more information to work with;
  • A Missing Person Poster Template is usually drafted when an adult person is not responding to calls or messages for a day or two if this behavior is unusual to them - inform the police you are looking for your relative or friend and create a flyer to ask others to reach out to you if they know anything.
  • A Multiple Missing Persons Poster is often used when there are two (rarely more) people missing, and the individuals looking for them are sure their disappearances are connected – for instance, two family members went missing;
  • A Red Missing Person Poster allows you to print a poster with a red border to attract more attention from passers-by;
  • An Abducted Person Poster is printed out when you have strong reasons to assume the individual was abducted. In this case, you can put the description of the abductor and their photograph from the CCTV or facial composite alongside the description of the missing person;
  • A Missing Person Poster with one picture lets you insert one picture of the missing person and provide their main details so they can be recognized by the public;
  • A Missing Person Flyer with two pictures can be used when you need to put a picture of the missing individual alongside a picture of the clothes they were wearing when you last saw them.

How to Make a Missing Poster? 

Follow these instructions to create an effective Lost Poster:

  1. Attract the attention of the passer-by with the help of an eye-catching headline - "Cat Missing" or "Have you seen this girl?" Use bright colors and legible fonts to convey information so that even a reproduced flyer remains helpful.
  2. Select recent pictures of the individual or pet - it is recommended to insert two of them on the poster to demonstrate different poses, angles, or facial expressions. The photos have to be high-quality - and avoid images with other individuals, this will confuse the public.
  3. Provide a formal and concise description - the physical characteristics of the person, scars and tattoos that make the identification easier, and the clothes they may have worn the last time someone saw them. In case you are looking for a pet, specify whether they have a collar, microchip, or markings that distinguish them from other animals.
  4. Promise a reward to anyone who contacts you and tells you how to find the individual or animal you are worried about. Do not indicate the amount of the reward on the flyer but add your telephone number so that you can take a call at any time of day and night to receive important information.
  5. Choose common image file formats like JPEG or PNG to share the details of the disappearance on social media. These platforms will be an indispensable tool for you - hundreds and thousands of people will learn about a missing person or animal with just a few clicks of the mouse.

What to Put on a Missing Pet Poster?

Here is what you should include on the Missing Pet Poster:

  1. A color photo that was taken in the last few months or weeks. Do not share a picture of a kitten or puppy if you are looking for an adult cat or dog and opt for a full body picture instead of just the face.
  2. Name of your pet. It is likely a dog will respond to a passer-by that will call it by its right name; besides, collars of dogs and cats alike usually state their chosen names making it easier for the kind-hearted individual to identify the pet.
  3. Unique markings of the animal. If there are any spots or an unusual coat pattern, this information must be recorded on the flyer. 
  4. Warnings for the reader. Whether a dog is likely to bite a stranger or a cat may get scared when suddenly approached, tell the people you are sharing the poster with about the typical behavior of your pet - it will let them recognize the animal and keep both the person and the pet safe. 

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