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What Is a Missing Poster?

A Missing Poster is a printed sign distributed to the public to let them know that a certain individual or several people have gone missing. It contains the picture of the person who is missing, a brief description of their appearance, and contact information of the people to contact if you find out anything about a missing individual.

If your friend or relative has gone missing and you want to find them, you should create and distribute a Missing Persons template. Just like Lost Dog Posters, drafted when your pet is missing or stolen, a poster for a missing person does not have to be larger than A4 format – if you use bright colors and large fonts, the information can easily be seen from a long distance. Print out multiple copies and share them between your friends, acquaintances, and neighbors to spread information. Additionally, you can download a template, fill it out with descriptive details for people to recognize a missing individual, and share the poster online via social media. 

Types of Missing Posters

You can make your own poster by customizing a blank Missing Poster from our library of templates:

  • A Multiple Missing Persons Poster is often used when there are two (rarely more) people missing, and the individuals looking for them are sure their disappearances are connected – for instance, two family members went missing;
  • A Red Missing Person Poster allows you to print a poster with a red border to attract more attention from passers-by;
  • An Abducted Person Poster is printed out when you have strong reasons to assume the individual was abducted. In this case, you can put the description of the abductor and their photograph from the CCTV or facial composite alongside the description of the missing person;
  • A Missing Person Poster with one picture lets you insert one picture of the missing person and provide their main details so they can be recognized by the public;
  • A Missing Person Flyer with two pictures can be used when you need to put a picture of the missing individual alongside a picture of the clothes they were wearing when you last saw them.

What to Put on a Missing Person Poster?

When customizing a Missing Poster Template, you should include the following information on it:

  1. Words "MISSING," "HELP FIND ME," or "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PERSON." It is recommended to put the chosen phrase on the top of the poster to attract people's attention and use bright colors when designing the poster.
  2. Photograph of the missing individual. You need to insert a full-face photo. A Missing Person Picture does not have to be high-definition but avoid blurry pictures and photos with other people - otherwise, people will simply not know who to look for.
  3. Full name of the missing person and their nickname if they used it on a constant basis.
  4. Height and weight of the individual.
  5. Age of the person. If they look significantly older or younger, you can mention it on a poster.
  6. Color of their eyes and hair.
  7. Unique physical traits that would be instantly recognizable - scars, tattoos, glasses, etc. If the person has health problems, shortly describe them in the poster – it is possible they will need medical attention immediately once they are found.
  8. Time and location the individual was seen last.
  9. Prize for the information that would lead to the missing person.
  10. Contact details. Add your telephone number to receive a message quickly. You can also add a 911 number or another telephone number that will connect the caller to the appropriate enforcement agency that is looking for the missing individual.

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