Missing Person Poster Template With Reward

Missing Person Poster Template With Reward

Missing Person Poster: What Is It?

A Missing Person Poster is a written statement drafted to inform the public about the disappearance of the person referred to on the poster.

Alternate Name:

  • Missing Person Flyer.

Whether the person in question has been missing for days or weeks or there have been mere hours since you have seen them - and if your kid is lost, act quickly and fill out a Missing Child Poster Template - you have to communicate their description and factors of their disappearance to passers-by and residents of the area so that they know what to do if they see the person you are looking for.

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What to Put on a Missing Person Poster? {id="mcetoc_1gg4la5rk0"}

Customize a blank Missing Person Poster by adding the following information to it:

  1. Eye-catching headline . Your flyer needs to inform everyone who looks at it about the unfortunate event that took place - a person went missing. It is hard to go wrong with phrases like "Missing", "Please help us find (name of the person)", or "Have you seen this person?"
  2. Recent pictures of the missing person . Select a picture taken in the last few months - a photograph has to reflect the features, tattoos, haircut, and hair color they have at the moment. Do not insert a picture with two or more people - even if someone else is only in the background, it may be confusing to the passer-by. Out-of-focus or altered images also would not work, the quality of the photograph is essential especially if the poster is later reproduced or shared online.
  3. Description of the missing person . The flyer has to include their full name and say how old are they. List their hair color, eye color, and physical characteristics and specify whether they have any tattoos or scars that may help others recognize them quickly. Refer to the outfit they were wearing or would usually wear. If the person suffers from any serious illnesses, record this information as well.
  4. Area, date, and time the person was seen last . You can update this information later in case you learn anything pertaining to the case but since most flyers are created and distributed days after the disappearance, work with the particulars you have at your disposal.
  5. Promise of a monetary reward . You may offer a sum of money to anyone who contacts you and shares valuable information about the whereabouts of the person from the poster; however, do not include the precise amount of the reward in the flyer, it may result in fraudulent actions.
  6. Contact information . Add your telephone number and e-mail address - it is advised to write down more than one number in case the first one is not answering. Ensure you are prepared to pick up the phone at any time of day and night.

How to Make a Missing Person Flyer? {id="mcetoc_1gg4la5rk1"}

Here are some tips that will help you make a Missing Person Poster:

  1. Use bright colors and color combinations to ensure your flyers capture the attention of people around . Red letters on white paper are the best choice - at the very least, the headline and the word "Reward" have to be contrasting enough to stand out wherever the poster is. Opt for classic fonts, use capital letters, bold text, and underlining.
  2. Whether you decided to stick to a customary Missing Person Poster format and use an A4 sheet or you are creating a bigger flyer to increase its long-distance visibility, adding two pictures of the person will be a good idea. Different haircuts, clothes, poses, lighting, facial expressions - you will improve your chances to find them quicker.
  3. Create an electronic version of the flyer and share it on social media immediately, even before you are printing posters to put outside . The more people see it, the higher the odds to find the person are. The flyers can be glued to streetlights, doors of local shops, bus stops, walls of corner buildings - locations where hundreds or thousands of people are going every day.

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