Missing Cat Poster: What Is It? 

A Missing Cat Poster is a typed or handwritten statement prepared by the cat owner in the attempt to ask other people to let them know if they see the pet described in the flyer.

Alternate Names: 

  • Lost Cat Poster; 
  • Lost Cat Flyer; 
  • Missing Cat Flyer. 

It may be difficult to search for a lost cat on your own or wait until it comes back home so do not waste time - seek the support of people that live in the same neighborhood.

You can see a full list of Lost Cat Poster templates by checking out our library below.

What to Put on a Lost Cat Poster? 

Here is what you should include in the Missing Cat Flyer:

  1. Headline. This may be the most important part of your poster - although there is no need to use your imagination when designing the flyer and the words "Lost Cat" or "Missing Cat" will do the job just fine, they must stand out so that passers-by see it even from a distance.
  2. High-quality picture of the cat. A recent color photo - preferably, two - will assist the people who will see the poster and remember a unique coat or markings the pictures show. 
  3. Name of the animal. While it is more likely dogs will answer to their names and a Lost Dog Poster contains this detail to help the person that stumbles across the pet whose description they saw on the poster to capture the dog, the name you chose for your cat will make the flyer more personal appealing to the best in the reader.
  4. Date and place the cat was last seen. Indicate the street and the building number if your pet escaped and the names of landmarks or stores residents of the area know well. 
  5. Description of the cat. Record the age, sex, and breed of the pet. Even though the picture does the job, you may briefly refer to the color and markings of your animal. Mention any scars that facilitate the identification and inform the reader whether the cat was wearing a collar. If you microchipped your cat, mention that in the flyer.
  6. Promise of the reward. If you are ready to pay money to the individual who brings your cat back, it will encourage people to look for your pet with greater effort.
  7. Contact details. Add one or two telephone numbers and the names of people to be contacted. Prepare to be available at any hour and check your messages as well - the person that finds your pet may choose to text you late at night.

How to Make a Missing Cat Poster?

Follow these tips to create an effective Lost Cat Poster that will increase your chances to have your pet back:

  1. Be smart with the limited space you have - usually, a poster like this is printed on A4 paper. Put the headline on the top of the page and insert the picture right below it. The rest of the details go underneath the photo.
  2. Use eye-catching colors and fonts. The words "Missing Cat" and "Reward" should be in red while other particulars can remain black. Do not experiment with cursive and calligraphy fonts - letters in bold fonts most people are familiar with are perfect for the purpose.
  3. Whether you are printing out posters or making handwritten flyers, make sure the information is legible and the picture of the animal maintains its quality otherwise the reader will not be able to reach out to you or recognize the cat even when they see it.
  4. Take advantage of all the available methods to make a plea to people in the area your cat went missing. Put the posters on streetlights, bus stops, and walls of local stores, draft a post for various social media platforms using the name of the street or district so that more users can find your message online, and talk to the neighbors, store owners, police officers, kids that play outside and show them your flyer - it is likely the help of your community will reunite you with your pet.

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