Labor Market Templates

Are you looking to stay informed about the current trends and developments in the labor market? Do you want to understand the impact of the changing workforce on the economy? Our website provides a comprehensive collection of documents that cover various aspects of the labor market.

The labor market, also known as the job market or employment market, refers to the supply and demand for labor, where individuals seek employment and employers seek qualified workers. This collection of documents offers valuable insights into topics such as economic development, workforce demographics, labor misclassification, and legislative acts related to employment.

Discover the Economic Development Worksheet, which delves into the factors that drive job creation and economic growth. Gain a deeper understanding of America's Changing Workforce through an insightful report from the Pew Research Center, which explores how the recession has impacted the aging workforce.

In addition, we provide resources like the Report Misclassification Form, specific to Rhode Island, highlighting the growing concern of employee misclassification in the labor market. Stay up to date on the latest legislative developments with documents like the Reopen America Act of 2020 by Jamie Raskin, a representative from Maryland.

For educators and English language learners, we also offer materials such as the Pre-intermediate English Worksheet on Youth Unemployment from Linguahouse, providing a valuable educational resource on labor market-related topics.

Whether you are an employer looking to understand labor market dynamics or an individual seeking insights into the evolving workforce, our comprehensive collection of labor market documents has you covered. Stay informed, make informed decisions, and navigate the ever-changing world of work with ease.




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This document is used for assessing and tracking economic development activities and progress. It helps evaluate and plan strategies for promoting economic growth and improving the overall well-being of a community or region.

This document provides an analysis of the truck driver shortage in the United States by Bob Costello and Rod Suarez. It offers insights into the causes and impacts of the shortage.

This document discusses the issue of low wages in the current job market. It explores the challenges faced by workers and provides recommendations for improving wages and working conditions.

This form is used for applying for a prevailing wage determination. It helps employers determine the appropriate wage to pay their employees based on the prevailing wages in a specific occupation and area.

This form is used for conducting a wage survey for contractors in the state of Missouri. It helps analyze and collect information about the prevailing wages in the construction industry.

This document discusses how the recession has affected the aging workforce in America, making the already older workforce even older.

This type of document is the Reopen America Act of 2020, proposed by Jamie Raskin from Maryland. It contains legislation aimed at reopening businesses and activities in the United States amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

This document addresses the challenge of reskilling in America and explores potential solutions to help individuals gain new skills and adapt to changing job market demands.

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