Vacation Request Form

Vacation Request Form

What Is a Vacation Request Form?

A Vacation Request Form is a type of document that employees can use when they need to ask their employer for vacation time. The purpose of the form is to provide an employer with a written request where the employee will state the exact information about their vacation time that can be important to their employer. A Vacation Request Form template can be downloaded below.

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An Employee Vacation Request Form is usually developed by each employer themselves, however, the content of the document is quite similar. After the employee submits the document it is supposed to be approved by their manager and then put on a schedule.

Employers can create a whole system of company documents in order to provide their employees with different types of requests depending on their needs. A vacation request can only be used by an employee if they want to take vacation time. If the employee needs to take some time off of work for personal reasons, they should use a Time Off Request. When an employee is sick they can use a Sick Leave Request to receive medical leave.


How to Create a Vacation Request Form?

A request for vacation form generally consists of several parts, which include the following:

  1. Introduction. To state the nature of the document the employee should start it with a title. Stating the date is also important so that the manager will see that the vacation time was requested in a timely fashion.
  2. Information About the Employee. Here the employee should enter their full name, job title, and the name of the department they are working in. It is supposed to be done for identification purposes so that the HR manager will keep a copy of the request in their records.
  3. Accumulated Vacation Time. Employees use this section to designate the amount of vacation days they have accumulated over the course of the year. It will ease up the process of approving the form for their manager since it will be clear from the beginning if the employee has accumulated enough days for their vacation.
  4. Vacation Time Requested. In this part of the document, the employee should state the exact dates they are requested as their vacation time, and the total amount of days they are asking for. Sometimes the employer requests the employee to state the exact dates when the employee is returning to work as well (to avoid any misunderstandings that may occur).
  5. Remaining Time. After calculating how many vacation days the employee will have remaining, they should enter the number here. It will help to keep both the employee and the employer aware of how many vacation days the employee has left.
  6. Purpose of Leave. If the employer uses only one form for all kinds of leave it should contain a section where the employee is supposed to state the reason for their time off. In this case, the employee should state the reason as vacation time.
  7. Contact Information. For the convenience of the employer, the employee should provide information about how they can be reached during their vacation in case of an emergency. The data should include a telephone number and an email.
  8. Signature. The document should be signed by the employee. This way they will designate that the information presented in the document is full and valid.
  9. Approval. In the last part of the form, there must be a space for approval. Depending on the system used in the company, the document can be approved by a supervisor, manager, head of the department where the employee works, or by the head of the HR department.

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