What Is a Letter of Interest? 

A Letter of Interest is a formal statement that helps individuals to strengthen their job applications and applications to enroll in a college or university and confirm their continued aspirations to study or work at the institution or company of their choice. You can use this document to describe your skills, qualifications, and academic experience and demonstrate you are the best candidate for an opening at the university or a job vacancy. 

Check out our library of forms to download Letter of Interest templates. Each Letter of Interest template can be customized to suit the needs of your particular case - explain why you would be a valuable employee or student, and how much the enrollment or employment would mean to you personally.

Letter of Interest Types 

The documents below are among the most widely used - you will be able to advertise your skills and demonstrate a continued interest in the job position or studies.

  1. Letter of Interest for a Job. Whether you know the company is hiring new employees or you are interested in what they can offer even without open vacancies, writing a Letter of Interest will attract the attention of the human resources department who will contact you in case of an opening.
  2. Letter of Continued Interest. This document can be used in different situations, but it is usually prepared when a prospective student is put on the waitlist or their enrollment was deferred for a semester or a whole academic year. If you are prepared to wait some more time to find out whether you have a shot with a university or college, you may complete this document and tell the admissions committee you are still willing to attend their educational institution. 

How to Write a Letter of Interest?

Follow these steps to compose a Letter of Interest:

  1. Begin with a proper salutation. Find the name and title of the recipient to show you know who will review your documentation - if you demonstrate you have learned more about the entity or educational institution it will increase your chances for a follow-up letter or even a personal interview.
  2. There is no uniform Letter of Interest format, but in the main body of this document, you must confirm you are still interested in the enrolment or obtaining one of the job position the company offers or may offer (it is possible to create a Letter of Interest even if the business does not advertise any vacancies at the moment - the human resources department will remember your letter and may call you if they need new employees). You may mention a specific program or field of study you are passionate about and share a personal story that made you interested in pursuing a particular career path or discipline.
  3. Refer to the documentation you enclose to prove your previous work experience and qualities that make you a perfect student or employee. Your goal is to convince the hiring personnel you are the person they have been looking for or should consider in the upcoming future. Only list actual skills you possess - an attempt to lie in your resume or supplemental documentation may be uncovered and this will lead to an uncomfortable situation.
  4. Thank the letter reader for their time and attention and express the hope that they will contact you soon. Add a telephone number and an email address to receive their answer soon, date, and sign the document. If you know the recipient of the letter invites people for a personal interview, you may tell them you are free for an appointment in the next few days or weeks.
  5. Find out whether the company or university of your choice accepts traditional mail or email correspondence and send the letter the convenient way. If you do not get a response within a reasonable time - usually, a couple of weeks - you may follow up with a phone call or email.

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