What Is a Letter From Santa?

A Letter from Santa is a type of letter that is written by Santa Claus and sent to a child. Factually, the letter is prepared by a parent or a guardian of the child, who then can use a special mail program to have the letter mailed to their children. The purpose of the letter is to respond to a letter the child has sent to Santa and make them feel special. A personalized letter from Santa Claus can contain unique details about the child and their background: including these will make the letter more believable and heartfelt.

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Even though the letter is supposed to bring joy and happiness to the child, sometimes parents can include a behavior caution in it. If a child acts mischievously or performs poorly at school, they might get a warning letter from Santa. In the letter, Santa will ask them to improve the way they act, otherwise, they will be put on Santa’s naughty list and will not receive Christmas gifts.

Another letter that is used during the holiday season is a congratulatory Christmas Letter. Just like a letter from Santa, the goal of a Christmas Letter is to wish you happy holidays. Although, in this case, the wishes come not from Santa Clause but from the sender’s family and addressed to friends, relatives, coworkers, neighbors, and other close people.

How to Write a Letter From Santa?

Your Santa letter should contain several parts, which include the following:

  1. The Addressee. The letter should be addressed specifically to the child. It can state their name and address. Mentioning the child’s name will make them feel special, plus the child is more likely to believe that it is from Santa if it is addressing them.
  2. Introduction. It can start with Santa introducing himself and sharing some news from the North Pole. When the parent is writing the letter on behalf of Santa they should remember to stay in character and use phrases that their child would expect to hear from Santa. It can include being jolly, talking about the reindeer, etc.
  3. Praise for Achievements. Santa can list the child’s achievements and praise them for them. It can include their accomplishments at school, participating in community service, or simply helping their parents or guardians at home. Parents or guardians need to make sure they add personalized and unique details in the letter so the child will understand that Santa knows who he is writing to.
  4. Positive Reinforcement. This letter can also be used as a chance to create positive reinforcement. With this letter, Santa can encourage the child to keep on doing well at school and at home, as well as continue the good work with their extracurricular studies, community service, and other activities they like to do in their free time. To motivate the child Santa can promise them a reward which can be presented as a surprise for Christmas or something else that will make the child strive.
  5. Conclusion. At the end of the letter, Santa can wish the child happy holidays and remind them to hang their stocking. While writing and signing the letter, the parent (or guardian) should not forget to try and change their handwriting to make it look like it was written by Santa, it will help to keep things more realistic and believable for the child. 

How to Get A Letter From Santa in the Mail?

After the letter is completed it is time to think about how to make sure it will be mailed from Santa Claus to the child. If the child and their parents or guardians live in the United States they can use the United States Postal Service (USPS) special mail program. The program allows children to receive a letter from Santa Claus sent to them from the North Pole. To make it happen, the parents or guardians of the child should follow a few simple steps they can find on the USPS official website.

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