What Is a Christmas Letter? 

A Christmas Letter is a personalized note sent to a relative, friend, acquaintance, or colleague by a single individual, their family, or company they represent to congratulate the recipient with the upcoming Christmas. Send your good wishes to the other person or several people and show them extra attention - you may purchase a festive card or make your own using green and red colors (the traditional colors of Christmas) to make your letter stand out. Think outside the box and make a personalized note on the base of a Christmas Letter template that shows your respect and love for the recipient.

Alternate Name: 

  • Merry Christmas Letter. 

Check out our library below for more Christmas Letter templates. In case you are a parent and you want to surprise your child with an entertaining gift, prepare a Letter from Santa for them.

How to Write a Christmas Letter?

Here are some Christmas Letter ideas to help you compose your very own customized letter:

  1. Begin with a greeting - you can write "Dear" and add the name or names of the people who will read the letter.
  2. Congratulate the recipient with the holidays - use a classic phrase like "Merry Christmas!" or "Happy Holidays!". You can add religious quotes or just general festive quotes and phrases to express your best wishes towards the letter reader. If you know enough about the person's life and their achievements and aspirations, in particular, you can show your support for their goals and dreams. In case you have not been in contact for a long time, you may ask them for the news and their plans for the future.
  3. Since it is possible you have not updated the addressee regarding the latest news and developments in your life, you can share the positive things that happened to you recently and tell the letter reader about the upcoming plans especially if you would like to invite them to join you. If you compose a letter on behalf of your entire family, try to add a couple of words about every family member. A Christmas Love Letter can include a declaration of love if you are bold enough, or a confirmation of the continuous affection towards your partner.
  4. Attach several photos especially if you prepare a letter on behalf of your family or you have not shared your photos with the recipient for a long time. You may boast a new pet you have adopted or a new house if you have moved during the last few months.
  5. Only keep your tone professional and formal if you are drafting a letter for your colleague, subordinate, or boss. However, since most Christmas Letter templates are used to congratulate family members and friends with the upcoming holidays, you can be open and include jokes and memories you have shared with the person you congratulate.
  6. Sign the letter and send it via traditional mail (preferably, a week or two before the festive period) or email (on Christmas day).

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Sample "Christmas Letter"

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Send your friends and colleagues a Christmas Letter to spread joy and cheer to celebrate the Christmas season.

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"Christmas Letter Template"

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Send this letter to your relative, friend, or colleague in order to congratulate them on the upcoming holidays.

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