Holiday Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Holiday Letter?

A Holiday Letter is a document that can be used when an individual wants to wish happy holidays to someone. The purpose of the letter is to share thoughts and wish goodwill to the individual’s relatives, friends, coworkers, and other close people. 

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The letter is a useful instrument that can be used not only by individuals. In order to improve loyalty, businesses can use a professional Holiday Letter to wish happy holidays to their clients or employees. In addition to this, businesses can tie their celebratory emails to seasonal events and announce special sales or promotions of their goods and services.

Holiday Letter Types

Writing a letter can be a little confusing, especially for those who have not done it before. To help this, a sender can browse Holiday Letter ideas or check out these templates which provide more specific details:

  1. Christmas Letter. This type of letter can be used when a sender wants to wish a Merry Christmas to someone, and share their expectations about the upcoming holidays.
  2. Happy Birthday Letter. This letter is supposed to be used when a sender would like to wish a Happy Birthday to someone, and express their hopes for them.  

How to Write a Holiday Letter?

Your Holiday Letter should include the following parts:

  1. Addressee. In the first part of the letter, the sender can state the name and the current address of the person they are addressing. That way the letter will find its destination and will not be lost.
  2. Introduction. The sender can start the letter with a warm opening where they can greet the addressee and wish them happy holidays. Depending on how close the sender is to the addressee, they can open the letter with something unique and polite.
  3. News. Here the sender can share information about any recent changes that took place in their lives. If it is a type of letter that businesses send to their clients, then in this part they can notify them about the upcoming seasonal sale or invite them to a special promotion that they will hold.
  4. Polite Inquiries. Senders can use this section of the document to make polite inquiries about the life of the addressee. They can also indicate their hopes that the addressee is doing well, or congratulate them on any recent success they have achieved.
  5. Gifts. If the sender attaches money or any other gifts to the letter, the sender should briefly mention it. If the business is writing a holiday letter to their clients, they can include a coupon or a discount in the letter which will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Contact Details. In case the addressee would like to contact the sender but has lost their contact information or just does not have it, the sender can provide their telephone number, email, and postal address here. Businesses can provide the address of their stores or offices that are set close to the location of the addressee.
  7. Conclusion. The sender can close the letter with warmth, congratulating the addressee with the holidays, and providing their best wishes. Generally, each family member is supposed to sign the letter by hand. 

The sender can change the content of the letter depending on who they are addressing, which holiday the letter is conjoined with, and other aspects. For example, if the sender is addressing their coworker, they can include the congratulations on the coworker’s recent achievement at work in the letter. If the business is writing a Holiday Letter to its employees they can include an invitation to a corporate event in its content.

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