Printable Letter Templates for Kids

Writing letters for your kids and preparing cards and notes with their participation can be a great family activity that strengthens the bond between the parents and their children. Whether you decide to prepare a card for the child's mother or father or give your son or daughter a special present they will cherish forever, Letter Templates for kids will help you to spend quality time with your children and make a memorable gift for them and your entire family. You can add drawings and pictures you and your kids like, line the letter to help your child write their message to a friend or family member, exercise the writing skills of your kids, or boost their creativity.

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Types of Letter Templates for Kids

The following letter-writing templates for kids are the most common - you can prepare them as a surprise for your children, a reward for good grades and proper behavior, or one of the presents for the holidays we celebrate with our families and close friends.

  1. Tooth Fairy Letter. It is a big deal for a child to lose their baby teeth, and their excitement can be even bigger with a little reward (a dollar or a coin) and a note from a Tooth Fairy that congratulates them on this important step towards adulthood.
  2. Letter from Santa. Create personalized letters from Santa for your children or pupils - compose a note that celebrates their good behavior during the year and add it to a traditional present.
  3. Letter to Santa. These may be used by kids as an example of what to include in their own letter to the North Pole.
  4. Easter Bunny Letter. If your family likes different Easter activities such as the egg hunt or making gift baskets for your friends, a letter from the symbol of the holiday that congratulates them and highlights their recent achievements and hobbies will put your child in a good mood.
  5. Letter for Mother. Help your kid to create a memorable gift for their mother - prepare a heartfelt letter to express their love and gratitude whether it is their mom's birthday or Mother's Day.

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This document is a sample tooth fairy letter specifically designed for a young boy. It can be used as a template for parents to write a personalized letter from the tooth fairy to their child, celebrating the loss of a tooth. The letter typically includes a congratulatory message, a small reward, and whimsical details about the tooth fairy's visit.

This type of document is a sample letter from the Tooth Fairy. It is used to create a playful and magical experience for children who have lost a tooth.

This document is a sample tooth fairy letter that parents can use to create a magical experience for their children when they lose a tooth.

This document is a letter from the Tooth Fairy to recognize a child for losing a tooth. It is a fun way to celebrate this milestone and encourage good dental hygiene habits.

This document is a sample Easter Bunny letter. It can be used as a template for writing a letter from the Easter Bunny to children.

This type of document is a template that can be used to write a letter to Santa Claus during the Christmas season. It provides a structure and format for children to communicate their wishes and Christmas greetings to Santa.

This type of document is a sample secret Santa's letter for office workers. It provides a template and guide for writing a letter to your secret Santa recipient in an office setting.

A daughter can compose a letter such as this to lift her mother's mood, show gratitude for her mother's love and support, or apologize for any wrongs in the past.


A son may compose a letter such as this to express his love and gratitude to his parent, congratulate his mother on a certain achievement or accomplishment, and share the life lessons she has given him.


This type of document is a template that allows children to receive a personalized letter from Santa Claus during the holiday season. It is a fun way to bring magic and excitement to the Christmas celebrations.


This document is a letter template that children can use to write a letter to Santa Claus, expressing their Christmas wishes and gratitude.

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