What Is a Cancellation Letter?

A Cancellation Letter is a document that can be used when an individual wants to cancel agreements that they have made in the past. The purpose of the document is to notify the other party that is involved in the arrangement of the decision that the individual has made. Browse the links below to download printable Cancellation Letter templates and samples.

A Letter of Cancellation is supposed to be signed by the party who intends to cancel the agreement and submitted to the other party they have made the commitment with. In order to make sure that the letter has been received and taken into account, the individual can ask the other party to send them a confirmation of canceling the arrangement.

Cancellation Letter Types

Cancellation Letters can be used to cancel contracts, subscriptions, events, services, and other arrangements; the most popular types are described below:

  1. Cancellation of Insurance Policy Letter. This type of letter is supposed to be used when an individual wants to cancel their insurance policy. With this letter, they can also request a return on any unused premium.
  2. Timeshare Cancellation Letter. The document can be used when an individual wants to cancel their timeshare contract and receive a refund (if applicable). The letter is supposed to be mailed to the timeshare provider, while the individual should keep a copy of it in their files.
  3. Service Cancellation Letter. In this letter, an individual can express their intention to cancel the service they have been receiving. It can be used to cancel various types of services, such as housekeeping, delivery, television services, landscaping services, and so on.
  4. Gym Membership Cancellation Letter. This letter can help individuals cancel their gym membership. It can be handed to a gym representative or the counter staff at the gym’s front desk.

How to Write a Cancellation Letter?

A common Cancellation Letter template can contain several parts, including the following:

  1. Title. The document should start with a title. Simply stating that it is a Cancellation Letter will express the nature of the document and attract attention to it.
  2. Addressee. In the first part of the document, the individual can state information about the other party of the arrangement they want to cancel. It can include stating their name and location.
  3. Sender. Here individuals can designate their name and current address for identification purposes. It can help the other party to find the individual’s files and solve the matter faster. The address can contain the building number, street name, city, state, and ZIP code.
  4. Request. This is the main part of the letter and it can be used to express the individual’s intention to cancel a particular arrangement. Here the individual should provide information about the arrangement (types of services, contact information, etc.), the date on which the cancellation is effective, and payment information. Depending on the contract, the reasons for cancellation, and the situation, the individual may be required to pay a cancellation fee, or they may be eligible for a refund.
  5. Contact Details. Individuals can use this part of the cancellation request to designate their telephone number and email, in case the other party would like to get in touch regarding the subject of the letter.
  6. Conclusion. At the end of the letter, the individual should request the other party to confirm the cancellation and express gratitude for the time that they have worked together.

The content of the letter will depend on the type of arrangement that is being canceled and other aspects of the situation. In order to depict the circumstances more precisely the individual can add other parts in the document providing additional details.

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Sample "Letter for Cancellation of Health Insurance Policy"

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An insurance policyholder may use and submit this letter to their insurance company with the intention of ending their insurance coverage.

"Cancellation of Insurance Policy Letter Template"

Rate (4.6 / 5) 30 votes
Size: 60 KB
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This document notifies the provider of an insurance policy of your desire to cancel the policy.

Sample "Letter of Cancellation of Life Insurance Policy"

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Size: 65 KB
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An individual with a life insurance policy may use this type of letter to send to their insurance provider to inform them about their decision to terminate their coverage.

"Service Cancellation Letter Template"

Rate (4.7 / 5) 22 votes
Size: 61 KB
1 page

Complete this letter if you're looking to terminate, discontinue, or cancel a service or subscription.

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"Gym Membership Cancellation Letter Template"

Rate (4.8 / 5) 8 votes
Size: 62 KB
1 page

Complete this letter and send it to your gym in order to terminate your membership.

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"Timeshare Cancellation Letter Template"

Rate (4.1 / 5) 27 votes
Size: 60 KB
1 page

This document is used by individuals who want to cancel their timeshare investment.

Sample "Timeshare Cancellation Letter"

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2 pages

Use this sample template to prepare a letter to cancel your Timeshare Agreement.

"Life Insurance Cancellation Letter Template"

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Size: 61 KB
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Complete this template once you've decided to cancel your life insurance policy.

"Auto Insurance Cancellation Letter Template"

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Size: 61 KB
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The purpose of this letter is to notify an auto insurance company of an individual's intention to terminate their car insurance policy.

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This type of letter can help an individual confirm that they intend to cancel their Homeowners Insurance policy.