Cancellation of Insurance Policy Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Cancellation of Insurance Policy Letter?

A Cancellation of Insurance Policy Letter is a type of Cancellation Letter that notifies the insurance provider of the insured individual’s or entity’s wish to cancel the policy and, in some instances, to request a refund for the remaining portion of the premium.

Alternate Name:

  • Letter to Cancel Insurance.

Sometimes, canceling your insurance policy is more beneficial than continuing to pay monthly premiums you do not deem reasonable. If you learned about a more affordable insurance deal with wider coverage and better protection, you are unhappy with your current insurance plan, service, or rate, or you are moving to another location, you have to compose a Letter for Cancellation of Insurance Policy.

Cancellation of Insurance Policy Letter Types

  1. Generic Cancellation of Insurance Policy Letter. This is a generic template you can fill out quickly regardless of the type of insurance you have - greet the insurer and ask them to terminate your insurance coverage. You may list reasons that prompted you to make this decision as feedback for the letter recipient.
  2. Sample Letter for Cancellation of Health Insurance Policy. Use this sample template to stop the coverage of medical expenses related to illnesses and injuries - costs of hospitalization, medication, and consultation fees. Refer to the policy or agreement you have signed and explain your choice.
  3. Auto Insurance Cancellation Letter. Tell your insurance company you no longer require protection against the damage caused to your car - ask them to discontinue all automatic payments related to your policy and request a refund if necessary.
  4. Life Insurance Cancellation Letter. This letter can be used if you and the insurance company have signed an agreement that guarantees the latter pays a sum of money to your family upon your death yet you do not need this coverage anymore for any reason and want the recipient to stop charging you for premiums.
  5. Sample Letter of Cancellation of Life Insurance Policy. You may use this letter for reference when drafting your own notice of cancellation for the insurer - withdraw your policy, confirm the decision the final, and request the letter reader to send you a letter that verifies the policy is canceled.
  6. Homeowners Insurance Cancellation Letter. If you do not need protection for your house or apartment, you should prepare this Insurance Policy Cancellation Letter to notify the insurance provider about it and ask for a refund.

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An insurance policyholder may use and submit this letter to their insurance company with the intention of ending their insurance coverage.

This document notifies the provider of an insurance policy of your desire to cancel the policy.

An individual with a life insurance policy may use this type of letter to send to their insurance provider to inform them about their decision to terminate their coverage.

The purpose of this letter is to notify an auto insurance company of an individual's intention to terminate their car insurance policy.

This type of letter can help an individual confirm that they intend to cancel their Homeowners Insurance policy.

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