What Is a Timeshare Cancellation Letter? 

A Timeshare Cancellation Letter is a typed or handwritten document prepared by the timeshare tenant and sent to the property owner to inform the latter about the tenant's intention to terminate the existing Timeshare Agreement. Whether you plan to relocate far from the real estate in question, find a house more suitable for you and with better rates, or simply have decided you do not need to rent real property anymore, this message will let you get out of a timeshare. 

Timeshare Cancellation Letter Types 

Terminating your Timeshare Agreement may seem frightening if you do not know where to start. A letter if preferable to a phone call - notify the property owner in no uncertain terms about your intention to cancel the contract, provide the reason if you like to help the other party understand what may have gone wrong, propose to handle the financial side of the agreement - maybe, you need a refund or, rather, you are the one to pay the property owner or manager, and add your contact information for further communication. 

  1. Generic Timeshare Cancellation Letter. This template can be customized to reflect all the details you would like to include in your termination notice - for instance, you can discuss the option to buy that may be exercised by other tenants if you have rented the timeshare as one of the joint tenants.
  2. Sample Timeshare Cancellation Letter. This sample will help you as a point of reference if you plan to write your own message from scratch. 

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"Timeshare Cancellation Letter Template"

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This document is used by individuals who want to cancel their timeshare investment.

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Cancellation Letter Template Letters

Sample "Timeshare Cancellation Letter"

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Use this sample template to prepare a letter to cancel your Timeshare Agreement.

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Cancellation Letter Template Letters