Letter of Introduction Templates and Samples

What Is a Letter of Introduction?

A Letter of Introduction is a document that is used to introduce an individual to a new organization, or to introduce a business to potential new clients, business partners, suppliers, etc. The purpose of the document is to get acquainted with the new environment and provide information that will help to establish a connection with it.

Individuals and businesses should not miss their chance to use an Introduction Letter since it can result in creating valuable connections. The document can help to acquire a new job, customers, sponsors, and so on. Download printable Letter of Introduction templates from our library below.

Introduction Letter Types

Writing a Letter of Introduction can be overwhelming, especially if the sender does not know where to start and what to include in it. Nevertheless, there are several popular templates that can be helpful which are described below.

  1. Letter of Introduction for Teacher. This letter can be used when a new teacher has become employed by a school, and they wish to introduce themselves to the parents and guardians of their students. The purpose of the letter is to present the teacher, their passions, and teaching methods to the parents and guardians.
  2. New Employee Introduction Letter. This type of document is supposed to be used to make an announcement and introduce a new employee to their new coworkers. It will help staff understand what the new employee brings to the team, their experience, professional skills, and background information.
  3. Letter of Introduction for Job. Candidates can use this letter to introduce themselves to a potential employer. Generally, the document is used when a candidate wants to briefly introduce themselves to a specific company where they would like to work and ask them for an interview.
  4. Business Introduction Letter. A business should use this type of letter when they want to introduce themselves to other businesses that can potentially become their suppliers, distributors, investors, etc. The letter can also be used when businesses want to get acquainted with the market and find new clients.

How to Write a Letter of Introduction?

A formal Letter of Introduction should feature the following information:

  1. Addressee. In the first part of the document, the sender should identify the addressee by stating their name and address.
  2. Introduction. The sender should provide the addressee with information about themselves. For example, if the goal of the letter is to introduce a new employee to their new coworkers, then this part can include the new employee’s name, information about where they used to work, what are their responsibilities in the company, where did they study, etc.
  3. Purpose of the Letter. Senders can use this part of the document to explain the purpose of the letter. If the letter is written to parents and guardians by a new teacher, then they can explain to them that from now on they will be teaching their children and what that will involve.
  4. Contact Details. In case the addressee will have any questions, the sender can provide their contact information. The information can include their telephone number and email.
  5. Conclusion. At the end of the letter, the sender should express their hopes to hear from the addressee in the future, which would be appropriate in case the sender is writing a Letter of Introduction for a job. In other cases, the sender can express their excitement to meet the addressee and start working with them.
  6. Signature and Date. To designate that everything written in the letter is true and correct the sender should sign and date the letter. If it is a formal letter the sender should add a hand-written signature.

A Letter of Introduction template can be modified depending on what the sender would like to include in the letter. Its content is mostly determined by its purpose and the circumstances of the situation it will be used in.

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A job candidate may submit this Letter of Introduction to a prospective employer with the intention of telling them more about themselves and the skills and qualifications that would make them a great employee.

This is a formal statement prepared by an individual entrepreneur or a company seeking new business arrangements, connections, and deals to inform the recipient about what they can offer and contribute to their business.

Use this printable template as a guide while developing your own new employee announcements.

This type of letter is prepared by a business to introduce and advertise a product to a client.

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