Confirmation Letter Templates and Samples

What Is a Confirmation Letter?

A Confirmation Letter is a formal or personal document that verifies certain information: employment details, financial standing, or religious arrangements, depending on the nature of a particular letter. It is used in various industries - whether you work for a human resources department, financial institution, are a priest, or a spiritual mentor, you might encounter the necessity of preparing a formal or personal document for people who depend on your decisions and advice.

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Confirmation Letter Types

Below you can find the most common Confirmation Letters - each Confirmation Letter template is customizable to suit your personal needs and needs of the organization you represent:

  1. Catholic Confirmation Letter. Typically used by bishops and relatives of churchgoers, this personal statement will encourage the individual who is about to participate in this religious rite and let the writer express their love and support for the person who is about to make a significant step in their pursuit of the faith.
  2. Employment Confirmation Letter. This document is completed by the employer who lists the main details regarding the employment of one of their employees who needs verification of their constant employment and salary to take a loan, sign a lease, or send their children to school.
  3. Bank Confirmation Letter. A financial institution can fulfill the request of their client to disclose sensitive financial information to a third party that needs to make sure this client has a bank account with enough funds in it to finance a trip or loan.

How to Write a Confirmation Letter?

Here are some tips for you if you plan to compose a Letter of Confirmation for business purposes:

  • Remain professional and formal - remember that you write a letter for your future or current employee or a client you have worked with and will do business in the future, so choose an appropriate tone;
  • List all the details required from you. A document that confirms the employee has worked for you for a certain period of time must contain the date they were hired and a short description of their duties - ask the employee if they need a breakdown of their wages, bonuses, and benefits. If you represent a bank, only provide details you were asked for - maybe, you need to outline the transactions of the last month or year. However, if you have encountered problems with your customer you may mention there have been delays in payments and debts;
  • Indicate your contact information and offer the recipient of the document to stay in touch - it is possible you will be asked to share more details or you need to invite the addressee for job orientation.

A Catholic Confirmation Letter differs from other documents - you can prepare it for your relative, friend, or a parishioner. In this personal statement, you need to emphasize the importance of this religious practice, congratulate the person on taking this crucial step, and add a couple of inspirational quotes from the Bible. Additionally, you can use a warmer tone and even write several pages since this document will be seen by one individual and has no legal standing.

What to Write in a Confirmation Letter?

A Letter of Confirmation should include the following parts:

  1. Introduction. Identify yourself by your name and position and greet the recipient of the letter. Use appropriate salutations and get to the point of the letter right away unless you complete this document for your relative or friend.
  2. Body of the Letter. This is where you describe the purpose of the letter and list important information the addressee must know and even act upon. Your statement can be a response to someone's letter in the first place - in this case, you can refer to their questions, requests, and concerns addressing them one at a time.
  3. Conclusion. Here you can once again state the main point of your letter and reassure the recipient of the document of your continued support whether they need moral encouragement or more documentation to get on with the formalities. Add your contact details and sign the document.

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Confirmation candidates are given letters from their loved ones, friends, or mentors in the church in order to support and inspire them as they prepare to receive the sacrament.

This letter acts as a formal statement and is released by a financial institution to confirm the existence of a bank account for a certain customer and provide information on their account.

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