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What Is a Complaint Letter? 

A Complaint Letter is a formal statement prepared by the individual or company that believes they have been treated unfairly and demands compensation for the damage suffered and the termination of unlawful and abusive activities. Unfortunately, you may deal with wrongful actions everywhere - at your legal residence, at a workplace, or at a clothes store. If you think you have been treated unfairly and discriminated against, experienced poor service, or you simply cannot sleep at night because your neighbors are having a party, you are eligible for a complaint. A grievance composed in accordance with the formal Complaint Letter format can be the first and sometimes the only step you need to take to handle the issue. 

If you are looking for a Complaint Letter template to suit your particular needs, you can browse our library of forms below.

Types of Complaint Letters 

Below you can find the most commonly used Complaint Letter templates - you can file an official grievance to protect your rights at home or at a workplace. Additionally, if you represent an organization and have to manage complaints from clients, you may prepare a proper response that addresses their concerns and questions.

  • Generic Complaint Letter. This is the generic template applied in a variety of situations - use it to address any wrongdoing or offense that harmed you;
  • Adjustment Letter. Prepared by businesses, this statement serves as a formal response to a client's complaint. It contains the acknowledgment of the existing issue, lists steps the company is willing to take to solve the problem, and sometimes even offers compensation to a dissatisfied customer;
  • Workplace Harassment Complaint Letter. If your colleagues, subordinates, or supervisors harassed you because of your race, gender, sexual orientation, or other legally protected characteristics you have the right to report it to the human resources department. This document will be effective in eliminating any sort of prejudice and bullying in the workplace and establishing boundaries of acceptable behavior;
  • Hostile Workplace Complaint Letter. In case you encountered difficulties that hinder your job performance, whether you were sexually harassed or intimidated by your boss, you can prepare a complaint to stop this behavior and improve the workplace atmosphere for you and your colleagues;
  • Apartment Noise Complaint Letter. Sent to a landlord or police, this document allows people to report noise disturbances that prevent you from enjoying your residence during quiet hours - during the night and early in the morning.

How to Write a Complaint Letter?

Follow these steps to create a Letter of Complaint:

  1. Greet the recipient of the letter and introduce yourself.
  2. Indicate the problem you have encountered. You need to outline the issue in full detail - list all the facts in chronological order and include key dates. If you attempted to deal with the problem yourself, mention the steps you already took and the results you achieved. Do not forget - you are drafting a formal Complaint Letter so remain calm and professional, your emotions cannot prevail even if the problem is severe since the complaint can be used against you in case the issue is considered in a court of law.
  3. State the outcome you are looking for - maybe, you want a replacement for a faulty item, a monetary compensation, an apology from the responsible individual or department, or you want the violator to cease wrongful activities that led to your complaint.
  4. Request response with a decision and plan to fix the issue within a reasonable time - it is recommended to resolve the problem in a few days or weeks unless it verges on criminal behavior like harassment which must be addressed immediately.
  5. Attach documentation that supports your point of view - receipts, invoices, test results, affidavits, witness statements, etc.
  6. Present your complaint in person and ask the appropriate employee or representative to put a stamp on your personal copy of the documentation to acknowledge receipt. Alternatively,  you can send the envelope via certified mail to obtain a receipt - it will come in handy if the issue is not resolved quickly or if it escalates as a result of the inaction, and you are forced to file a lawsuit.

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