Injured Person Templates

Are you an injured person who needs assistance with an auto insurance dispute? Look no further. We have a collection of documents specifically tailored to help injured individuals navigate the complexities of the insurance claim process.

Our collection includes forms such as the Application by an Injured Person for Auto Insurance Dispute Resolution Under the Insurance Act. This document is designed to guide you in submitting your application to resolve any issues with your auto insurance claim. We also have the Response by Injured Person Regarding Insurance Company's Application for Auto Insurance Dispute Resolution, which allows you to provide additional information or counter the insurance company's claims.

If you're an insurance company handling a claim from an injured person, we have the Response by an Insurance Company to an Injured Person's Application for Auto Insurance Dispute Resolution. This document enables you to address the injured person's concerns and present your side of the dispute.

We understand the importance of providing documents in different languages, which is why we also offer the Forme 0456F Reponse De La Compagnie D'assurance a La Demande D'une Personne Blessee En Vue D'obtenir Le Reglement D'un Differend Dans Le Domaine De L'assurance-Automobile En Vertu De La Loi Sur Les Assurances. This French version of the document ensures that injured individuals who prefer to communicate in French have access to the same legal resources.

Whether you're an injured person seeking resolution or an insurance company needing to respond to an application, our collection of documents is here to assist you every step of the way. With our comprehensive resources, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have the necessary tools to navigate the often complex world of auto insurance disputes.




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This form is used for injured individuals in Ontario, Canada to respond to an insurance company's application for auto insurance dispute resolution under the Insurance Act.

This document is a response from an insurance company to a person injured in a car accident in Ontario, Canada. It relates to a request for settlement of a dispute in the field of automobile insurance, under the Insurance Act.

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