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Infant Death Reporting System

Welcome to the Infant Death Reporting System, your source for comprehensive information on infant deaths and related investigations. Our system is designed to enable accurate and efficient reporting of these tragic events, as well as provide valuable insights to researchers, policymakers, and healthcare professionals.

Also known as the Infant Death Form or the Infant Death Reporting Form, our platform serves as a centralized database for documenting and analyzing instances of sudden, unexplained infant deaths. By completing the relevant forms, such as the EMS-63 Protocol for Scene Investigations of Infant and Child Deaths in New Jersey or the Fetal/Neonatal/Infant/Maternal Death Report Form in Ohio, you contribute to a larger effort to understand and prevent these devastating occurrences.

Our goal is to collect vital data from around the United States and other participating countries, such as the Notification of Infant Death form in Ohio and the Sudden Unexpected Infant Death Investigation Reporting Form in Nebraska. By doing so, we can identify trends, patterns, and risk factors associated with infant mortality, ultimately leading to better prevention strategies and improved infant health outcomes.

The significance of this documentation system cannot be understated. By adhering to the guidelines provided and filling out the necessary forms accurately and thoroughly, you play a crucial role in the ongoing effort to combat infant mortality. Your contributions have the potential to save lives, enhance healthcare practices, and inform policies that protect our most vulnerable population.

Make a difference and be part of this critical endeavor by utilizing the Infant Death Reporting System. Together, we can ensure that every infant receives the care and attention they deserve, and ultimately reduce the devastating impact of infant deaths.

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This form is used for reporting and investigating sudden unexplained infant deaths.


This form is used for EMS first responders in New Jersey to follow protocols for investigating the scene of infant and child deaths.

This form is used for reporting fetal, neonatal, infant, and maternal deaths in Ohio. It serves to gather important data and information regarding these deaths for the purpose of analysis and improving healthcare practices.

This Form is used to notify the Ohio Department of Health about the death of an infant.

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