Land Partition Templates

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Our database contains various documents related to partitioned lands, including BIA Form 5-5023 Navajo Partitioned Lands: Assignment of Grazing Permit and BIA Form 5-5022 Navajo Partitioned Lands: Modification of Grazing Permit. These documents serve as essential tools for individuals involved in the management and transfer of grazing permits on partitioned lands.

If you need to modify or transfer a grazing permit on partition lands, our Form 5-5022 The Navajo Nation Partition Lands Grazing Permit Modification/Transfer Agreement is a valuable resource. It provides a framework for the legal process of modifying or transferring permits in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Additionally, we offer the Form 5-5015 Navajo Partitioned Lands Grazing Permit, which is a crucial document for obtaining and maintaining grazing permits on partitioned lands. This form outlines the necessary information required to qualify for a grazing permit and serves as an official record of the permit holder's rights and responsibilities.

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This form is used for obtaining a grazing permit for the Navajo Partitioned Lands from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA). It allows individuals or organizations to legally graze livestock on these lands.

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