Play Money Templates

Play Money Templates are used for creating custom play money for various purposes. Play money can be used in educational settings, such as classrooms or homeschooling, to teach children about currency and how to count money. It can also be used for fun activities, such as games, pretend play, or rewards systems for children. The templates allow you to customize the play money with different denominations, designs, and personalization options.




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This type of document is a template that resembles a one hundred dollar bill and is used for play or decorative purposes. It is not a legal tender and cannot be used as real currency.

This type of document provides printable templates for play money called "Bible Bucks" that can be used for educational purposes or fun activities with a biblical theme.


This type of document provides two templates for behavior bucks, a reward system often used to promote positive behavior in children.

This document is a template for a reward buck, commonly used in the United Kingdom. Reward bucks are a form of incentive or currency that can be given to individuals as a reward or recognition for good behavior or achievements.

This document is a template for creating reward bucks, which can be used to reward or incentivize individuals for their achievements or good behavior.

This document is a template for chore bucks, with 8 per page. Chore bucks are a reward system used for motivating children to complete household chores.

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