Correspondence Address Templates

Are you in need of changing your correspondence address? Look no further! Our correspondence address services provide you with the convenience of updating your address in various legal forms and applications. Whether you need to change your correspondence address for a power of attorney, patent owner change, or reexamination proceeding, we've got you covered.

Our correspondence address services include the Form PTO/SB/82SE, which allows you to revoke a power of attorney and replace it with a new one while also changing your correspondence address. For those looking to update their correspondence address specifically, we offer the Form PTO/SB/122 Change of Correspondence Address Application. If you're involved in a reexamination proceeding, our Form PTO/SB/123A allows for a patent owner change of correspondence address.

We understand the importance of keeping your records up to date, especially when it comes to legal matters. That's why our services also include the Form PTO/AIA/81B and Form PTO/SB/81B, which enable you to update your correspondence address for reexamination or supplemental examination and patent purposes.

Why go through the hassle of manually updating your correspondence address when you can rely on our comprehensive services? Our correspondence address services provide a seamless and efficient way to ensure that your address is accurately reflected in all necessary forms and applications.

Don't delay any longer! Take advantage of our correspondence address services today and experience the ease of updating your address with just a few simple steps.




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This form is used for notifying the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) about a change in correspondence address for patent or trademark applications.

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