Daily Schedule for Kids Templates

Daily Schedule for Kids is a document that helps parents or caregivers plan and organize the activities and routines for children on a daily basis. It provides a structured plan that includes activities such as waking up, meal times, school or educational activities, playtime, homework, chores, and bedtime. By following a daily schedule, parents can create a routine that promotes consistency, productivity, and balanced development for their children.




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This bright blue daily planner lets parents plan out their kid's daily routines in advance. List goals, household chores and leave notes for your kid to follow.

This set of printable cut-out cards lists the chores and daily tasks that your child has to complete by a certain time.

This set of cut-out cards lists the steps of a child's daily morning routine and allows parents to set a time frame for every activity.


This daily schedule template for kids helps parents and caregivers plan and organize activities for children throughout the day. It provides a structured routine to promote productivity, time management, and a healthy balance between learning, play, and rest.

This document is a schedule template for managing your child's activities and appointments. It helps you keep track of their daily routine and organize their time effectively.

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