Delaware Superior Court Forms

The Delaware Superior Court is the main trial court in the state of Delaware. It has jurisdiction over a wide range of cases, including civil, criminal, and domestic matters. The court hears both jury and non-jury trials and serves as an appellate court for certain administrative agencies. The Delaware Superior Court is responsible for resolving disputes, upholding the law, and providing justice to individuals and businesses in the state.




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This document is used for registering trade, business, and fictitious names in the state of Delaware. It helps businesses establish their legal identity and provides protection for their brand.

This document is an application for a license to carry a concealed deadly weapon in the state of Delaware. It is used by individuals who wish to legally carry a concealed firearm for personal protection.

This type of document is used to record the proceedings and agreements made during a continuing mediation session in Delaware.


This document contains the final record of a mediation process that took place in Delaware. It includes the agreements reached and any decisions made during the mediation.

This document notifies parties in Delaware that a scheduled mediation session has been cancelled.

This document is for participants of the Automatic Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program in Delaware. It certifies their involvement in the program.

This document is a request for the use of a laptop or tablet in a civil non-jury, non-confidential proceeding in Delaware. It is used to request permission to use electronic devices for the purpose of presenting evidence or accessing legal resources during the proceeding.

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