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Welcome to our webpage on the Canadian Armed Forces, also known as the Canadian military. This document collection provides a comprehensive resource for individuals interested in learning more about the armed forces of Canada.

Our collection includes various forms, checklists, and applications related to the Canadian Armed Forces. For example, you can find the Form IMM5546, which provides details of military service in Canada. We also offer the Form CIT0172 Document Checklist for the application of Canadian citizenship for adults who serve or have served in the Canadian Armed Forces, as well as the Form CIT0534 for those seeking to resume their Canadian citizenship through military service.

The Canadian Armed Forces play a vital role in protecting Canada's security and interests both at home and abroad. This collection highlights the unique requirements and benefits available to individuals with military service. Whether you are a current member, a veteran, or interested in joining the Canadian military, our documents will provide valuable information and guidance.

Our goal is to simplify the process and provide easy access to the necessary documents you may need. Supporting both English and French speakers, our collection includes the Demande De Dossiers De Service Militaire D'anciens Membres DES Forces Armees Canadiennes for Francophone individuals.

Explore our comprehensive collection of documents related to the Canadian Armed Forces and ensure you have the necessary information and forms for your military service or citizenship applications. Stay informed and make the most of your experience with the Canadian military.

Note: The Canadian Armed Forces document collection is also referred to as the Canadian military documents or documents of the armed forces of Canada.




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This document is used for requesting military service records of former members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

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