Growth Patterns Templates

Are you curious about the growth patterns and milestones of children? Look no further! Our collection of documents, also known as growth patterns or growth pattern resources, will provide you with all the information you need.

Explore our wide range of documents, such as the "Who Boys Growth Chart: Length-For-Age, Birth to 2 Years (Percentiles)" and "Who Boys Growth Chart: Weight-For-Age, Birth to 5 Years (Percentiles)". These charts will help you track your child's growth and compare it to the average measurements for their age.

If you're interested in studying the growth of trees or plants, we also have resources like the "Radial-Growth Worksheet - Minnesota". This document provides insights into the radial growth patterns of various species, helping researchers and enthusiasts alike understand the natural development of these organisms.

For parents and caregivers of girls, our "CDC Girls' Growth Chart - Stature-For-Age and Weight-For-Age Percentiles, 2 to 20 Years" document is an invaluable tool. It allows you to monitor your child's growth and identify any potential concerns based on their stature and weight percentiles.

Additionally, if you're specifically looking for growth charts for boys between birth and 24 months, our "Birth to 24 Month Growth Charts - Boys" document will be a valuable resource.

Our collection of growth pattern documents is meticulously curated and regularly updated to provide you with the most accurate and relevant information. So whether you're a concerned parent, a researcher, or simply curious about growth patterns, our documents are here to help you navigate this fascinating subject.




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This document is a growth chart for boys, showing the average length for age from birth to 2 years. It includes percentile rankings to track the growth progress of boys.

This document provides a weight-for-age chart specifically designed for girls. It displays the average weight range for girls based on their age, allowing parents and healthcare professionals to track a child's growth and development.

This document is a growth chart specifically for boys, which tracks their height, weight, and other growth milestones over time. It can be used by parents, healthcare professionals, and educators to monitor a boy's growth and development.

This document provides growth charts created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These charts are used to track the growth and development of children from birth to adulthood. They show the average height, weight, and body mass index (BMI) for children of different ages and genders. Parents and healthcare professionals can use these charts to monitor a child's growth and determine if they are growing at a normal rate.

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