Form TC96-182 Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration - Kentucky

Form TC96-182 Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration - Kentucky

What Is Form TC 96-182?

Form TC 96-182, Application for Kentucky Certificate of Title or Registration, is a form that has to be filled in by residents of the state of Kentucky to apply for a Kentucky Certificate of Title and Registration. This form is also used to transfer, update, or replace a title.

Alternate Name:

  • Kentucky Vehicle Registration Form.

Form TC 96-182 has to be completed by new residents of the State of Kentucky to register their out-of-state vehicle to drive on state roads. They have to submit the form within 15 days of establishing residency and attach the original title from their previous state.

This form was released by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the latest version was issued on May 1, 2020. A TC 96-182 fillable form is available for download below.


Kentucky Vehicle Registration Instructions

Residents of Kentucky have to apply for a Kentucky title and registration at the moment of the transaction. If a resident purchased a vehicle from a dealer, they have to attach to the application the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin. If a resident acquired a car from a private seller and its title was issued in Kentucky before February 2000, an applicant has to attach it to the completed form. If the title of the purchased vehicle was issued in February 2000 or later, such a title contains the assignment and transaction form on the back that should be completed instead of the TC 96-182 Form.

The instructions for filling in a TC 96-182 Form are as follows:

  1. An applicant has to check the purpose of an application. If the filer applies to duplicate their title, they have to indicate the reason for the replacement.
  2. Vehicle identification section. An applicant has to enter information about a vehicle: its identification number, year, model, and color.
  3. Title brand disclosure. The filer should check the appropriate box if it is applicable.
  4. Certified inspector section. This part has to be completed by the inspector who inspected the vehicle. The inspector should enter their name and phone number, certify the compliance with the supporting documents to the description of the vehicle.
  5. Odometer disclosure. It is required to indicate the actual mileage of the odometer reading of the vehicle upon transfer of the ownership.
  6. Total consideration and trade-in information. Indicate the amount of the sale price, trade-in, net cost, and tax. Enter the date of sale, vehicle identification number, and the title number;.
  7. Indicate personal information about the seller and the owner/buyer. If there is a lien on a vehicle, provide information about the lessee and the first lienholder.
  8. The form must be signed by the seller and owner/buyer, and contain the date of transfer.

How Much Is Vehicle Registration in Kentucky?

Before applying for registration and titling their vehicle a filer must pay a Kentucky vehicle registration fee in the following amounts:

  • Title fee: $9;
  • Speed title: $25. A speed title will be prepared within 48 hours of receiving the title application;
  • Transfer fee: $17;
  • Replacement/Duplicate title: $6;
  • Yearly car registration fee: $25;
  • Title lien statement fee: $22.

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