Woodwind Instrument Templates

Are you interested in learning about woodwind instruments? Look no further! Our extensive collection of documents on woodwind instruments is the perfect resource for musicians, music educators, and enthusiasts.

Discover the intricacies of playing the Xaphoon, an innovative woodwind instrument that mimics the sound of a saxophone and clarinet. Our Xaphoon Fingering Chart in the key of Bb will guide you through the various notes and fingerings, ensuring you can play your favorite tunes with ease.

If you're interested in the classical sound of the oboe or the mellower tones of the English horn, our Basic Fingering Chart is a valuable tool. Master the instrument by learning the correct fingerings for each note and improve your playing technique.

Delve into the world of baroque music with our Baroque Oboe and Baroque Bassoon Fingering Charts. These documents provide a comprehensive guide to the fingerings and techniques used in this distinctive period of musical history.

For those involved in a concert band, our Concert Band Seating Chart is a must-have resource. Ensure optimal balance and coordination within your ensemble by strategically organizing the seating arrangement of woodwind instruments.

With our collection of documents on woodwind instruments, you'll gain a deeper understanding of these versatile and expressive instruments. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, our resources will enhance your playing skills and enrich your musical journey. Explore our woodwind instrument documents today and unlock your musical potential.




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This document is a Xaphoon fingering chart for the Bb key. It provides fingerings for different notes on the Xaphoon instrument in the key of Bb.

This document provides a basic fingering chart for the oboe and English horn. It is a useful reference for musicians learning to play these instruments.


This document provides a chart for the fingerings used on a Baroque oboe.

This document provides a chart showing the fingerings for playing the bassoon in the Baroque style.

This type of document is a seating chart specifically designed for a concert band performance. It shows the layout of the seating arrangement for different sections of the band, such as woodwinds, brass, percussion, and others. The chart helps organize and guide the band members during rehearsals and performances.

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