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Welcome to our webpage dedicated to brass instruments! Whether you call them brass instruments or brass instrument, this is the ultimate resource for all things related to these magnificent musical creations.

From the soaring melodies of the trumpet to the rich depths of the French horn, and from the smooth tones of the trombone to the euphonious sounds of the euphonium, our collection of documents covers it all.

If you're looking for guidance on fingerings and scales for the trumpet, we have you covered with our comprehensive Trumpet Fingering Chart and the Junior French Horn Scale Sheet. For those playing the trombone or euphonium, our Junior Trombone/Euphonium Scale Sheet will help you master those scales with ease.

Not only do we provide practical resources, but we also offer a wide selection of sheet music featuring brass instruments. Whether you want to learn Sweet Sue, Just You on the French horn or tackle the challenging Moanin' by Charles Mingus on the baritone saxophone, you'll find the sheet music you need to expand your repertoire.

So whether you're an aspiring brass instrument player or a seasoned musician looking for new resources, our collection of documents is here to inspire and guide you on your musical journey. Begin exploring our vast selection of resources today and unlock the potential of these beautiful brass instruments.




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This document is a visual guide that shows the different finger positions and combinations needed to play specific notes on a trumpet. It is a helpful tool for trumpet players to learn and remember the correct fingerings for different musical pitches.


This document provides a basic fingering chart for cornet, trumpet, mellophone, and alto horn.

This document provides a sheet for Grade 6 trumpet scales. It helps trumpet players practice and master the required scales for this specific grade level.

This document is a visual reference guide that shows the fingerings for playing different notes on a trombone. It helps trombone players learn and remember the correct finger positions to produce the desired pitches.

This document is a practice sheet for junior players learning the scales on the French Horn. It helps them to improve their skills and mastery of the instrument.

This document provides the musical scales that trumpeters and T.C. Baritone players need to practice and master. It is designed for more experienced or "senior" musicians, helping them improve their technical proficiency and musicality.

This document provides a scale sheet for junior trombone and euphonium players. It is a useful tool for practicing and improving their scale playing skills.

This document provides a sheet of music with scales specifically designed for senior tuba players. It helps them practice and improve their skills.

This document provides a basic fingering chart for 3/4 valve Bb tuba, euphonium, and sousaphone. It is a useful guide for players to learn and remember the correct fingerings for different notes.


This sheet provides a 2-octave major scale for the tuba, along with a full range chromatic scale. It helps tuba players practice and familiarize themselves with these scales.

This type of document is a seating chart specifically designed for a concert band performance. It shows the layout of the seating arrangement for different sections of the band, such as woodwinds, brass, percussion, and others. The chart helps organize and guide the band members during rehearsals and performances.

This document is a tuba fingering chart created by Amy Sandlin, for use by the Holly Shelter Middle School Bands. It provides a visual guide for students learning to play the tuba.

This document provides sheet music for the song "Sweet Sue, Just You" specifically arranged for the French Horn.

This document is sheet music for the baritone saxophone arrangement of the song "Moanin" performed by Charles Mingus and John Diaz.

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